Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sax And Violins Radio Show

PLAY>Yasuaki Shimizu - Hebitsukai
Stephane Grapelli - Pennies From Heaven
Fishtank Ensemble - Cou Cou
Andrew Williams - Sweet Little Pussycat
Ethiopiques - Netsanet (Liberty)
David Byrne - Finite = Alright
Count Basie - Goldfinger
West Five/Cavaliers - Sea Cruise
Einstein's Secret Orchestra - Sex In Another Dimension
The Vikings - Nicotine
Gordon Jenkins - Caravan
Tipsy - Sweet Cinnamon Punch
Charlie Parker with Strings - Just Friends
Jimmy Heaps - Gizmo
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Guisevska Rucenica (live)
Bob Bunny - Scatty Cat

PLAY>Mahavishnu Orchestra - Steppings Tones
James Chance - Sax Machine
Curley Hamner - Bernie's Tune
Milt Buckner - Bernie's Tune
Caspian Hat Dance - Schrele
Curved Air - Screw
Madness - Give Me A Reason
Les Baxter - I Dig
The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers - Some Kinda Earthquake
Zubatto Syndicate - Mechas Over Manhattan
Jeffrey Sick - Children Of The Revolution (live)
Bill Perkins - Samba De Orfeu
Miles Davis with John Coltrane - Two Bass Hit (live)
Yasuaki Shimizu - Tote Tote

PLAY>The Crescendos - Countdown
Einstein's Secret Orchestra - I Am A Clone
The Golden Arm Trio - Bigwig
Gong - You Can't Kill Me (live)
The Jesters - The Peter Gunn Twist
Sam Butera - Street Scene
Charles Mingus - Gunslinging Bird
Fishtank Ensemble - Pena Andaluz
Daniel Trueman - Study II (In Grain And Shadow)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - John's Song #2
Axiom Funk - Sax Machine

PLAY>Ethiopiques - Dewel (Bell)
Ornette Coleman - The Circle With The Hole In The Middle
Curved Air - Stretch
Brave Combo - Saxophone, Why Do You Weep?
Rova Saxophone Quartet - Wig On (For George Clinton)
Arthur Fieldler - The Synchopated Clock
Plas Johnson - Tanya
Bleeding Gums Murphy - Bleeding Gums Blues
The United States Of America - Stranded In Time
James Chance - Sax Maniac (live in Holland)
Louis Prima & Sam Butera - Harlem Nocturne
Bobby Summers - Pad
Yasuaki Shimizu - Besame Mucho
The Fabulous Raiders - Handicapping Time
Curved Air - Vivaldi With Cannons