Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cabinet of Curiosities Radio Show

PLAY>Jonti - Hornet's Nest
Manu Dibango - Mimbo
Ursula 1000 - Gambit
Grandadbob - Kenny
Mission Creep - I'm Thinking Of A Number
Carleen & The Groovers - Can We Rap
Tita Lima - Molho Ble
Yosi Horikawa & Dorian Concept - Red Sound
Inara George - Genius
Cattivo - Evasione
Hassan Abou El Seoud - Hassan Zaaboulla
Lush - Baby Talk
Zolar X - Space Age Love 1980
Jimmy Durante - Joe Goes Up - I Come Down
Lester T. Raww's Graveside Quartet - Dancing On Your Grave

PLAY>Central High School Cafeteria Band - First Rhapsody for Knives, Forks and Spoons
The Bombay Royale - (Give Me Back My) Bunty Bunty
Canblaster & Nightwave - Power up
Jonti - Nightshift In Blue
Missy Elliott - Beep Me 911
Man On The Moon Cast - The Last Of The Unnatural Acts
Chick Lewis - North Wind
TriBeCaStan - Dance Of The Terrible Bear
Roy Roberts - You Ain't Miss It
Tita Lima - A Conta Do Samba
Mario Bauza & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra - Chano
Rod McKuen - Oliver Twist
Rod McKuen & Rock Hudson - Wings (Why Do They Want Us To Walk?)
Altered Images - Disco Pop Stars
Bim Skala Bim - No Fly Zone
The Rapture - Alabama Sunshine

PLAY>Mission Creep - Aeroflot
Shriekback - Fish Below The Ice (Plankton Enriched mix)
Celia Cruz - Bembelequa
Barney Kessel - Night And Day (live)
Fishtank Ensemble - Mehum Mato
Richie & The Squires - Beat Party
Henry Mancini - Terror Strikes
Bobby Hutcherson - Jasper
Jonti - Batmilk
Miles Davis - Black Comedy (Alternate take)

PLAY>Ekova - Idem Sont Done
Raisa K & Thomalla - FRG
Inara George - Pull Things
John Leyton - Three Cute Chicks
TriBeCaStan - Natal Spring
Communicators & The Black Experience Band - The Road
Tita Lima - Catatonica
LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Pretentious Version)
Mission Creep - Blue Pepper
Proteus - Samba Dub
John Phillips - Wee Funkie Little Bats
Syd Barrett - She Took A Long Cold Look
Lester T. Raww's Graveside Quartet -Teddy Bear Has Teeth
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Krush Groove Girls (The Meat Hookers Of Love)
The Bombay Royale - Khubsoorat Bewafa