Tuesday, May 19, 2020

R.I.P. Phil May (1944-2020)

PLAY– What's Good For The Goose (excerpt)

Phil May (center, above), lead singer of one of our favorite UK 60's bands, The Pretty Things, has died in hospital from complications of an emergency hip surgery after a bicycle fall. Nearly unknown in the US, the Pretty Things were a very popular British blues-rock band who went psychedelic with the first rock opera, S.F. Sorrow. Here they appear under the alias the Electric Banana in a swinging London movie, What's Good For The Goose. We play a lot of The Pretty Things on the Rural War Room Radio Show.

A new unreleased documentary on the Pretty Things called, Midnight To Six, is set to premiere in Los Angeles later Summer 2020.

PLAY – Midnight To Six Trailer