Wednesday, April 17, 2019

National Banana Day Bonanza USA

Celebrate this overlooked national holiday in the USA with Byron & Donavan
Yes, there are monkeys under the soundboard on this one. If you listen on headphones their contribution is obvious. Bananas & music: a winning combination. Thanks for tuning in – RWR

PLAY–Louis Jordan - Bananas 
World's End Girlfriend - Decalogue Minus 8
Stephen Perkins - Monkey In Brazil
The Instrumentalists - African Ear Bender
Pia Zadora - The Clapping Song (45 on 33rpm)  
Skip Heller - Q
Milton Banana Trio - Minha Saudade
Les Baxter - Voodoo Dreams
Growling Tiger - Motor Car Horn
Tuatara - Land Of Apples
Eurythmics - Monkey Monkey
Gene Rains - Africa
David Berger & The Sultans Of Swing - Monkey Business

PLAY–King Kurt - Banana Banana (Live)  
Jeff Beck - Tribal
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mister President
Steve Vai - The Animal
Sparks - Tarzan And Jane
TirBeCaStan - Konjo 
13th Floor Elevators - Monkey Island
Don Tiki - Axolotl
Monkey Girl Odyssey - My Monkey Girl
Mel Henke - Exotic Adventure
Tipsy - Papaya Freeway
Les Baxter - Jungle River Boat
Johnny Paycheck - Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey
Beth Sorrentino & Tomoko Kataoka Octet - See The Monkey
Cass Daley & Hoagy Carmichael - Aba Daba Honeymoon 
Levitt Ventures Ad Agency - Casper The Monkey
Let's Go Bowling - Sock Monkey March

PLAY–DEVO - Go Monkey Go!
Ego Plum - The Return Of Cannibal Chimp
Reagan's Polyp - 1-900-MONKEYBUTT  
OOIOO - In A Blooming Forest
Johnny Future - Unwritten Tome
The Time - Jungle Love
Lene Lovich - Monkey Talk
Ren & Stimpy - I'm Gonna Be A Monkey
Starlight (Unsorted) - Mao Mao
Atomic Babies - Cetch Da' Monkey (Sonology Instrumental Mix)  
Johnny Future - Bloated Hermafrophorums
Don Tiki - Primitive
Prince Charming - Spider Monkey Snuff Flicks Of Black Magic Projectioners
Martin Denny - Aku Aku
Hoagy Carmichael - The Monkey Song
Les Baxter - Congo Train

PLAY–The Specials - Monkey Man (Live) 
Ego Plum & The Ebola Music Orchestra - Death Of Cannibal Chimp
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Jazz
Don Tiki - Bwana Banana
The Dead Milkmen - Gorilla Girl
Ding Dong Devils - Jungle Doctor
Ixtahuele - Rarohengan Dance
Ren & Stimpy - Jungle Boogie / Dizzy Monkees
Zom Zoms - Yellow Rainbow
Martin Denny - Swamp Fire
Jerry Clowert - Coon Huntin' Monkey
Sid Bass - Chant Of The Jungle
Esquivel - Jungle Drums
Michael Franks - Monkey See... Monkey Do
Martin Denny - Tsetse Fly
Monkey Organ Grinder
Skip Heller - Hand To Eye (Demo)
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