Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Words Words Words Show Podcast

PLAY>Rural War Room in the airport
Shirley Q. Liquor - Ebonics Airways 
Syd Barrett - The Word Song 
Del Close & John Brent - Cool / Uncool 
Nandor Fodor - Introduction 
Ronald Edwin - Outer Space 
Crosley Bendix / Negativland - Domestic Art 
The Search For Bridey Murphy 
Dr. Timothy Leary - Getting High On Electrons 
Lord Buckley - The Train 
Phillipa Fallon - High School Drag 
Dr. Victor Ahlheim - Lose Weight / Self-Hypnosis 
eX-girl - Jet Mogura 

PLAY>Frank Edwards - Flying Saucers Around Ships And Astronauts
Emo Philips - Secret Track 
Eldridge Cleaver - Soul On Wax (live) 
Ken Nordine - A Whistler 
Cesar Romero - Part Of The Job 
The Bobs - Slow Down, Krishna 
Barry Humphries - Chunder Down Under 
Juliana Luecking - Shiny Blade 
Rural War Room interviews Britney Spears 
Ray C. Beery - Child Motivation 

PLAY>Groucho Marx & Marlene Dietrich - The Flebo Co. (live)
Beyond The Fringe - The End Of The World (live)  
Ben Hecht interviews Jack Kerouac 
William Burroughs - Naked Lunch (excerpts) 
Jimmy Durante - Durante, The Patron Of The Arts 
The Love Affairs Of Don Juan 
Lightnin' Rod - Brother Hominy Grit 
Joe E. Ross - Oliver The Owl 
Spike Jones interviews Lassie 
Alen Robin - Humphrey 
Bill Hicks - The Elephant Is Dead 

PLAY>Marc Bolan interview
Harold Sherman - Your Extra Sensory Powers 
Thin-P PCBC introduction 
eX-girl - Big When Far, Small When Close 
Lord Buckley - The Raven 
Danny Kaye & Company - Danny Gets Lost 
Emile Franchel - Reduce Tensions And Sleep Deeply 
Lenny Bruce - White Collar Drunks 
Jonathan Winters - We From Outer Space 
Spike Jones & Frank  Sinatra - Audition 
Kreskin - Imagination And Swallowing