Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Planet Earth Radio Podcast

PLAY>DEVO - Planet Earth (Live)
Oranj Symphonette - Mr. Lucky
Kirby Stone Four - You're My Thrill
Lolita - White Flag
Silver Apples - Misty Mountain
Dick Hyman - The Topless Dancers Of Corfu
The Meridian Brothers - Fiesta
TriBeCaStan - Konjo
Black Mikado Cast: Yum-Yum (Patricia Ebigwi) - The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze
Dieter Zimmermann - Whole Lotta love
Can - Uphill
Seksu Roba - Venus Mysterious
Muzak - 50 Million Frenchmen
The Dave Clark Five - Because

PLAY>The Arkansas All-State Orchestra, Dr. Jay Decker, conductor - Russian Eastern Overture
Khomais Ternan & Mohammed Kadri - Raks Fazani
Lee Perry Meets The Mad Professor - World Peace
Bill Cosby - Don'cha Know
Die Warzau - Funkolopis (Funked Up Hyde Park Mix)
The Last Poets - It's A Trip
The Green Arrows - Chipo Chiroorwa
Werner Muller - At Guard Station
Nitin Sawhnet - Streets
Ashwin Batish - India Beat
The Jam - Strange Town
Jeff Beck - Led Boots
Fatboy Slim - Michael Jackson

PLAY>Mel Henke - In A Little Spanish Town
Silver Apples - Water
Daevid Allen - White Neck Blooze / Codeine Coda
This Mortal Coil - Drugs
Todd Rundgren - Hodja
Black Mikado Cast - If You Want To Know Who We Are
Lolita - Well...
The Cure - In Between Days (Extended Version)
Meg - Kittenish
Fantastic Plastics - Under The Knife
PEVO - Planet Luv
Allen Sherman - Chim Chim Cheree
The Mothers Of Invention - You Didn't Try To Call Me
Mary Kay Place - Marlboro Man

PLAY>Susumu Hirasawa - Mediational Field
Cassius - Feeling For You
The Kirby Stone Four - Cherokee
Rick James - Love Gun
Seksu Roba - The Fourth Kind
RJD2 - Weatherpeople
Helmut Zacharias - Naturally Stoned
Outkast - Roses (Instrumental)
Sir Cedric Hardwick - War Of The Worlds narration
Magnetik - Exodus From London
Banco De Gaia - I Love Baby Cheesy (The Afro-European Remix)
Lolita - I Was So Hooked
Kuno & The Marihuana Brass - Marihuana Mantra
Oscar Meyer Mo-Town Theme
The Yapoos - Sin Of The Rod-like
Duran Duran - Planet Earth (Night Version Instrumental)

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