Friday, November 27, 2015

The Lot Deluxe Edition

Rural War Room - The Lot (DELUXE EDITION) 7 CD Set  - contains all Rural War Room cyberband CD releases 2005-2015. Full-length debut Ring-A-Ding Orangutan, related 12" EP Rural War Room, full-length collaboration from the full cyberband spanning six countries – The Flaming Yawn, related EP It's The Modern Age, UK/USA EP Soviet Life, and the latest Edited It plus full-length CD from the RWR US tour DEVOlved featuring Theramina and PEVO (Japan) 
Rard DEVOlved CD
DEVOlved Byron Werner t-shirt
Original 2006 Werner design Ring-A-Ding shirt
 All together, The Lot includes 7 compact discs, 2 high quality t-shirts, 2 indoor use stickers, 3 cards, various paper art objects by Werner & Suitt. Paypal - only $100 POSTAGE PAID in continental US - Ships within the week! Available for a limited time!