Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Taxing And Waxing Podcast

PLAY>Cornelius - Another Point Of View
A Thousand Points Of Light featuring President George Bush - Read My Lips (Choice mix) 

PLAY>Natacha Atlas - Kidda
Gap Band - Shake (12" version)
No Comments - Dance Market
Qypthone - Drive Music
Blast - Litho 1
Robbie Nevil - C'est La Vie (12" mix)

PLAY>Comedian Harmonists - Whistle While You Work
Bongwater - Ye Olde Backlash
Jim Kweskin Jug Band - Sheik Of Araby
Wally Coco - Message To Society
Double Naught Spy Car + Stew - Bodhi Tree Mama
Ethel Meatplow - Benny Says. Dub 01 (RWR Version)
Cornelius - Smoke
Chet Atkins - Lullaby Of The Leaves
Ding Dong Devils - BBQ Tiki Ribs
Kelley Deal 6000 - Total War
Yonin Bayashi - Ishoku-Sokuhatsu
James Reece & The Progressions - Let's Go (It's Summertime)
Sid Bass - The Happening
The Bobs - Democratic Process
Hamid El Shaeri - Hely Meli

PLAY>Ethel Merman - Something For The Boys (Disco Version)
Blast - E Se Di Questo Voi Dicere Piue
They Might Be Giants - The World's Address (Joshua Fried remix)
Maria Muldaur with the Jim Kweskin Jug Band - When I Was A Cowboy
Henry Kaiser - Got That Nerve
Cornelius - Drop
Bill Cosby - Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
Ding Dong Devils - Cat Nap
Bill Bruford - The Sahara Of Snow Part 2
Double Naught Spy Car + Stew - Chat Noir
Neil & Iraiza - Tragedy Of The Softrocker
Plus Tech Squeeze Box - Hoky-Poky A.La.Mode
He Said - To & Fro

PLAY>Cornelius - Bug / Point Of View
Marc Wagnon - Eventually Nerve
Spandau Ballet - Feel The Chant
Fadela & Saraoui - Mani
Comedian Harmonists - Wenn Ich Vergnügt Bin, Muß Ich Singen  
Ornette Coleman - Foreigner In A Free Land  
Omo The Lobo - I'm A Police Officer, Don't Clown When You Drive  
JD's - Funky Party Time  
Hajime Tachibana - Beauty  
Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me (12" mix)  
No Comments - Radio Atlantis  
Weeks & Co. - Rock Your WOrld