Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Like, That Show Podcast

PLAY>Fanfare Ciocarlia and Bob & Marko Markovic Orchestra - James Bond Theme
Gogol Bordello - Ultimate
Raymond Scott Quintet - Powerhouse (live)
Media Music 68 - Cocktail Hour
Combustible Edison - The Checkered Flag
Spirit - It Shall Be
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Up From The Skies
Media Music 68 - Night People
Dixie Dregs - Shapes Of Things
Buddy Rich - Space Shuttle
Debo Band - Asha Gedawo
Jay & Kai Trombone Octet - Night In Tunisia
The Firesign Theatre - Ask Dr. Beanbag
The Evolution Control Committee - When I Get To Arizona (altered speed)
Esquivel - Cherokee

PLAY>Rick James - Cold Blooded
Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab - The Lions And The Cucumber
Neptune - Soul Pride
Tuatara - Land Of Apples
Kudu - Hey 50
Cornelius - The Micro Disneycal World Tour
Ween - Polka Dot Tail
The Fibonaccis - Romp Of The Meiji Sychophants
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Anger (Rare Force 2 Meg Mix)
Yapoos - Sin Of The Rod-Like
Pere Ubu - Life Stinks
Pere Ubu - Humor Me
Shiina Ringo - Quiet Conterattack

PLAY>Balbora - Trombone In The Midnight
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Caravan
Gogol Bordello - Zina-Marina
Jimi Hendrix Experience - You Got Me Floatin'
Silver Apples - Lovefingers
Dixie Dregs - Calcutta
Soul Coughing - Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
Soul Coughing - Sugar Free Jazz
Yapoos - River Of Rage
Missing Persons - Words (Julian Breeson remix)
Raymond Scott Quintet - Girl At The Typewriter
Bedtime Bongos - Theme From Maui Wowie
Combustible Edison - Theme From "The Tiki Wonder Hour"

PLAY>Fantastic Plastic Machine - You Must Learn All Night Long (Swamp mix)
Debo Band - Ney Ney Weleba
Johnny Future - Airplane / The Naked Club / Code Blue
Cornelius - Thank You For The Music
Lydia's Trip - Theme from Orgasmatron '75
Carey's Problem - Led Zepplin
Kevin Ayers - The Lady Rachel
a2ndspace - Quinn
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Castles Made Of Sand
ONTJ - Jasmin
Shiina Ringo - Present
Zom Zoms - Cigarette