Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Open End July Podcast


PLAY> Negativland - Jamcon '84 (Part 1)
The Bird And The Bee - Meteor
Neotropic - Vacetious Blooms
Atom Ishigaqui - Graffiti Painters Never Die
RJD2 - Fire
Mission Creep - I'm Thinking Of A Number
Sfkuank!! - Expression
Aster Aweke - Yaz - Oh (Grab It, Get It On)
Mort Weiss - Orinthology
Double Naught Spy Car + Stew - Chat Noir
Stump - Down On The Kitchen Table

PLAY>Ryuichi Sakamoto - Shogunade
Funky Porcini - Surge
Ozric Tentacles - Stretchy
Unkle - Unkle Main Title Theme
Jonti - Hornet's Nest
Shaman Headinvader - Food For Future Brains
Magnetik - Home (Main Theme)
Negativland - U2 (1991 A Capella Mix)
Galactic - Julou
J. Swinscoe - Goatee Part 1
Zubatto Syndicate - Iggy (Igneous Carapace)

PLAY>Time Zone - Zulu Interlude #1/This Is Time Zone/Funky Beeper
Tita Lima - A Conta Do Samba
Patrick Carpenter - The Crow
The Bird And The Bee - Love Letter To Japan
The B-52's - Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland
Takeo Yamashita - Petticoat Junction
Ella Fitzgerald - Chewin' Gum
Sabatoge 100 - Nostalgia
Sun Ra & His Astro Solar Infinity Arkestra - Saturn Moon
Combustible Edison - Mudhead (Live)
Simply Saucer - Get My Thrills (Demo)
Double Naught Spy Car + Stew - Bodhi Tree Mama

PLAY>The Pretty Things - Mister Evasion
The Bird And The Bee - Baby
Herbie Mann - Summertime
Rokia Traore - Sakanto
Adam Ant - Red Scab (live)
Jun Togawa - Finale
Negativland - Don't Stop Doin' It
Jonti - Snicker Hiss
Rahsaan & Gerard Presencer - Groovy Mix
World's End Girlfriend - Der Spiegel Im Spiegel Im Spiegel
Omnium - Extua Textua
The Bird And The Bee - Diamond Dave

The final week of our three-week transistor radio beach party in glorious mono!


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