Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mysterious Happenings Radio Show

PLAY–Harmonic 33 - Departure Lounge
Chris Bailey - Ooogaaah: Dungeony Specimen Spaceship
Brian Eno - Spirits Drifting
Brian Madden - Here Comes The Devil
Denge Fever - One Thousand Tears Of The Tarantula
Blues Magoos - Albert Common Is Dead
Cibo Matto - Mortming
Le Vibrazioni - Drammaturgia
Tri Be Ca Stan - The Mystery Of Licorice McKechnie
Fad Gadget - Lady Shave
Magnetik - Dancing On The Moon
Henry Mancini - Experiment In Terror
Andre Popp - Chant Du Mystere

PLAY–Drew's Hit Crew - Nobody Loves A Pirate
Daniel Techane - Gellele
Klaus Nomi - From Beyond
Visitors - Flatwoods Story
Simon Russell featuring James Mason - Mystical City Shadows (Live RWR dub)
Steve Thomsen - Barnacles As (This Is)
Lambert Hendrix & Ross - Halloween Spooks
Tri Be Ca Stan - Freaks For The Festival
Oliver Schneller - Aqua Vit
Hecate's Angels - Oracle
Satan's Pilgrims - Shootin' The Pier (Shotgun Version)
Hatfield & The North - Gigantic Land Crabs In Earth Takeover Bid
Hatfield & The North - The Other Stubbs Effect
Electronic Ghost Voice Phenemena Vs Po-Buckers - Troubled Seance (Live RWR Dub)
Eth - Heywet Endiet New

PLAY–Tracy Jordan - Werewolf Bah Mitzvah
J.P.M. & Co. - Plus Jamais Ca
Skinny Puppy - Haunted
Terje Rypdal & The Chasers - The Curse
Third Eye Foundation - An Even Harder Shade Of Dark
Dengue Fever - Sui Bong
The Cramps - Mystery Plane (demo)
Harmonic 33 - Paranoia
Horkeskart - I'm Scared
Telek - Boystown
Meridian Brothers - Salsa Del Zombie
Tri Be Ca Stan - The Brain Surgeon's Wife Serves Lunch
Marianne Faithful - Ghost Dance
Cream - As You Said

PLAY–The Cure - Airlock: The Soundtrack
Brian Eno - In Dark Trees
Runaway Weiner Dog - Styrofoam Has No Heart
Roger Roger - Lunar Landscape
Simon Russell featuring Jay King - Valley Of The Shadow
Magnetik - Beatbox Lovers
Ononana Trio - Baseball
Andre Popp - Pas De Geant
Tomita - The Old Castle
Hecate's Angels - Somnium Waltz
Ramin Amir Arjomand - 2' 10"
Jefferson Airplane - A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly
Front Line Assembly - Epidemic
Dengue Fever - Sleepwalking Through The Mekong

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