Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Religitics & Politi-igion Radio Show

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PLAY>Carman - Our Turn Now
Boney M - In A Gadda Da Vida
The Pugs - Pop Corn
Public Image Ltd. - Socialist
Fishtank Ensemble - Hopa Di Bida
Barack & Michelle Obama - It's All Good
Ozric Tentacles - White Rhino Tea
The Prats - Disco Pope
Ben Charest - Belleville Jungle
DA - Sudden Heaven
Opa Cupa - Las Mille Y Una Noche
Mingus Big Band - It Was A Lonely Day In Selma, Alabama/Freedom
Kathryn & Duffy & The Enemies List - Nixon's The One
Shirley Q Liquor - Mormons

PLAY>Drywall - George W. Bush State Of  The Union Address
George Clinton - R&B Skeletons (In The Closet)
Heaven 17 - (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
Cast Of Androidi - Alleluia
Sounds Orchestral - I'm A Believer
Stiff Little Fingers - Tin Soldiers (live)
Spirit - 1984
Negativland - You Don't Even Live Here
Jeff Beck & Jed leiber - Apocalypse/Innocent Victim (excerpt)
Reagan's Polyp - Make My Ears Bleed (live)
Double Naught Spy Car - Haliburton Snowboard
Reagan's Polyp - Ship Bound For Disaster/Imitation Of Life
Danny Elfman - The War Room/Airfield Dilemma

PLAY>Bill Clinton - Blurred Lines
Andre Brasseur - Big Fat Spiritual
Elvis Presley - G.I. Blues
Fishtank Ensemble - Troll Wedding (live)
Yoko Ono & John Lennon - Yangyang
Drywall - Buried The Pope
Moondog - Enough About Human Rights
Sounds Orchestral - God Only Knows
Ultimate Spinach - Dove In Hawk's Clothing
Peter Pan Players - John F. Kennedy
Adam Ant - Catholic Day
Opa Cupa - Ligonziana
Ben Hecht interviews Jack Kerouac

PLAY>Bleeding Gums Murphy - National Anthem
Drywall - Wargasm 2005
Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battle Flag
Der Plan - Space-Bob
Bruce Haack - War
Opa Cupa - Balkan Games
Monty Python - Henry Kissinger (live)
-M- - Belleville Rendez-Vous (French version)
Fad Gadget - Collapsing People (Berlin mix)
Ozric Tentacles - Strangeitude
Prince - Partyup
B.E.F. - Groove Thang
UK Decay - For My Country
Spirit - Prelude/Nothing To Hide
Blowfly - The First Black President (Part 2)

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