Thursday, April 3, 2014

United Kingdom - Leary

England has returned Rural War Room's Donavan Suitt and Theramina from another journey. The pair were in London wrapping up a few things and opening-up a few things 

Details on Dr. Timothy Leary tribute album, Timothy Rah Rah, are final. The release will also include a single. London industrialists Xykogen are featured with the Dr. himself on, "Amoeborama" and the b-side "Invasion Of The x-ists (Acid Weenie Version)" previously unreleased mix of the cut on, Rural War Room & Xykogen album WTF Is Going On? on Line Out Records UK  

Rural War Room is excited to trade with secretive film group, The Good, The Bad, And The Unseen London, after attending the 1 year birthday bash screening. Check them out Youtube or Twitter

Donavan and Theramina continued recording for the next Rural War Room release - improvised street recordings inspired by Moondog. The pair created rhythm tracks by percussing the Millennium Bridge, surround-sounded street performers outside Tate Modern (where they bumped into Weird Al, oddly enough) and closing Ceremony of the Keys at The Tower as basis for tracks on this renegade street recording project  

The pair also participated in Secret Cinema's Budapest Hotel interactive film event, raved live with Rubberbandits at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and were astounded by a live premiere of London's Chaos Collective big-band project/album Chaos Orchestra - Island Mentality

Thanks to the staff of Myplace Nightclub and record distributors Sister Ray and Fopp