Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rural War Room LIVE

8 p.m. Vino's. $5.
If your music collection includes multiple titles by such depraved noiseniks as Whitehouse, Ruins, Merzbow, Missing Foundation, early Swans or Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and the like, then this is not a show that you should miss, my friend. You're gonna need a pretty hellacious tolerance for extreme eardrum abuse to withstand the punishing electronic sadism of Austin-based Dromez, the nom de rock of Liz Gomez. She's been assaulting audiences since the mid aughts or so with an array of electronically generated squawks, squeals and all-around aural harshness. Of course, you noise weirdoes from here in Arkansas will likely already be familiar with Rural War Room, the free-form audio explorers who operate a record label, radio show and cyberband based in Little Rock, Italy, the Czech Republic and points beyond. In addition to those two experimental outfits, this bill also includes The Crisco Kids, Little Rock's long-running punk-rockabilly deconstructionists featuring the brothers Broadstone, and OG Mudbone, who I don't really know much about on account of, well, don't Google that one because just trust me.  -ARKANSAS TIMES