Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8 Year Anniversary Radio Show

PLAY>Magnetik - Night Train (Burning)
Brian Reitzell - Snake And Mongoose
Psycho Le Cemu - Neo
Oingo Boingo - Wild Sex
Suburban Lawns - Mom And Dad And God
Black Randy & The Metrosquad - I Slept In An Arcade
Polysics - Fire Bison
Carey's Problem - Led Zeppelin
Peter Ivers Band with Yolande Bavan - Tobacco
Ella Fitzgerald - Smooth Sailing
The Beatles - Old Brown Shoe
Piero Umiliani - Cinque Bambole Swing
Tokyo Jihen - ? (Ist CD cut 2)
Sound 8 Orchestra - Groovy Sound
The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
The Bags - We Don't Need The English
Les Monegasques - Psychose 

PLAY>Scat Man Crothers - Exactly Like You
Buddy Morrow with The Skip-Jacks - The Bells
Ivor Cutler - Barabadabadaba
The Tubes - What Do You Want From Life
Perez Prado - Synchopated Clock Mambo
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Super Scooter Happy
The Pretenders - Time The Avenger
Psycho Le Cemu - ? (Beautiful World Cut 9)
Black Randy & The Metrosquad -Loner With A Boner
The Suburban Lawns - Anything
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte (Cave Man)
Homer Henderson - Hillbilly Pecker
The Mighty Terror - Women Police In England
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Sombre Reptiles
Tom Waits - Such A Scream (live)
Roxy Music - The Bogus Man (live)
Elton & Betty White - Menopause Mama/Climaxation

PLAY>The Fugs - We're The Fugs/Boobs A Lot
The Repercussion Unit - Turkey In The Grass
Stevie Wonder - I Wish
Bob Merrill - Nairobi (45@33)
Graham Central Station - We Be's Gettin' Down
Psycho Le Cemu - Mother Garden/Megatron
Ole Georg Media Music - Communications Room
The Deadbeats - The Year 2000 Will Turn Out Okay
Soophie Nun Squad - Ghost Town/Drop The Bass
Basile - Engins Bizarres
Jermaine Jackson & DEVO - Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Marakebna Al Mina
Ex-Girl - Pop Muzik
Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo - Ballad Of The Cave Man
Chick Corea Akoustic Band - Bessie's Blues

PLAY>T-Rex - Woodland Bop
Pere Ubu - Final Solution
Psycho Le Cemu - Scream
Polysics - Psychotherapy
Hi-Posi - The Wonderful Go Go
Rural War Room - Blockhead
Frank & Nancy Sinatra - Life's A Trippy Thing
Massacre - Killing Time
Crazy Backwards Alphabet - La Grange
Bow Wow Wow - Baby! Oh No! (live)
Plastic Ono Band - Cold Turkey (45 version)
Black Randy & The Metrosquad -  I'm Black And I'm Proud Parts 1 & 3
Verka Serduchka - Everything Will Be Fine
Les Baxter - Flight In The Andes
Zammuto -  Yay

PLAY>Yoko Ono - Yes, I'm A Witch
Nik Pascal - Robot Rock
Bootsy Collins - Body Slam
Henry Cow/Slapp Happy - Some Questions About Hats
Sfkuank!! - Attractive Vamp
Herman's Rocket - Space Woman
Convex Level - Video Killed The Radio Star
Les Baxter - Papagayo
Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Instrumental 12")
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mi
Herbie Hancock - Autodrive (45)
Shiina Ringo - Bathroom
Stereo Total - I Am Naked
Holy Mountain Soundtrack - Pantheon Bar (Bees Make Honey...)
Rural War Room with Cory Stardust - Cut 4