Wednesday, April 3, 2013

AnyWhat Radio Show

PLAY>Jack "Bongo" Burger - Mambo Burger 
Meridian Brothers - Salsa Caliente 
Ethel Smith - What Is This Thing Called love 
Hollywood Argyles - Alley Oop 
Orchestra Superstring - No Sho 
Talking Heads - Nothing But Flowers 
The Soulful Strings - Take Five 
Bendeniz - Kirmizi Biber 
Dissidenten - Berlin Beduins 
The Mills Brothers - O! Ma-Ma (The Butcher Boy) 
Verka Serduchka - Chita Drita 
Incendiary - Happiest Feet 
The Vigs - Chiming Mallets Aforethought 
Charlie Mingus - Gunslinging Bird 

PLAY>Bernie Worrell - Gladiator Skull  
Fine Young Cannibals - Johnny Come Home  
Rodriguez - Sugar Man  
Adam Ant - How Can I Say I Miss You  
Rockets - Galactica  
Ege Bam Yasi (EBY) - Variation  
The Cosmic Jokers - The Electronic Scene  
Meridian Brothers - La Gitana Me Ha Dejado  
Henry Mancini - The Thief Who Came To Dinner  
AIR - Le Matin La  
Enoch Light & The Brass Menangerie - Blowin' In The Wind  
Colosseum - Walking In The Park  
Pete Moore Orchestra - Fat Man  
Marty Gold - Humoresque  

PLAY>Geza X - We Need More Power  
Led Zepplin - Custard Pie  
Little Roger & The Goosebumps - Stairway To Gilligan's Island  
The Turtles - Can't You Hear The Cows  
The Tiki Tones - Green Bananas  
Prince - Courtin' Time  
Teddy Tanaka - Suzuki-San's Farm  
They Might Be Giants - Lie Still, Little Bottle  
Skip Heller - Hand To Eye  
Stan Ridgway & Stewart Copeland - Don't Drop The Soap (With Any One Else But Me)  
Henri Rene - Hansel And Pretzel  
David Carroll - Let's Dance, Dance, Dance  
Creepxotica, The Creepy Creeps - Murder On Molokai  
The Harlem Quintet - Hellbound Hiball  
Jack "Bongo" Burger - China Nights Mambo  
Nilgul - Pisla  
Felix Slatkin - Caravan  

PLAY>Leroy Pullins - I'm A Nut  
Verka Serduchka - Quarrel  
Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone (Passion Pit Remix)  
Dissidenten with Stella Chiweshe - Song For Winnie Mandela  
Meridian Brothers - Guaracha U.F.O.  
The Vigs - The Budapest-Seoul Express  
The Manhattan Transfer - Stompin' At Mahogany Hall  
Lenny Dee - China Boy (Go Sleep)  
Doubleplusgood - The Winding Song  
Zenobia Shrine Chanters - I Am Proud To Be A Shriner  
The Trashmen - Surfin' Biird  
Django Reinhardt - Avalon  
The Celebrated Renaissance Band - Blues In The Bottle  
Augie Colon - Okolehau  
UB40 - If It Happens Again  
Billy May - Latin Lady  
Stereo Total - La Douce Humanite