Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spy Adventures Show

PLAY>Riz Ortolani - Beat Fuga Shake
The Shaw Brothers - Swami Safari
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Double Agent
Barret Martin - Barnburner
John Barry - Death Of Fiona
Al Caiola - From Russia With Love
Bruno Nicolai - Spy Chase
The Non-Ventures - Goldfinger
Combustible Edison - Spy Vs Spy
Hi Fi Killers - Electric OJ
Piero Piccioni - Big Chase
Tetes Noires - Pour More Water on Her, George
Berto Pisano - Kill Them All
Jimpster - Wild Light
Dudley Moore - Lilian Lust 

PLAY>Propellerheads - Spybreak! (Long One Dub)
Jerry Goldsmith - You're A Foolish Man, Mr. Flint
Sir Julian - Black On Pink
Jeff Beck & Jed Leiber - The Jungle
Dick Dale - Miserlou
Double Naught Spy Car - Double Naught Spy Car
Stereo Total - Furore
Hugo Montenegro - Lady In Cement
The Shaw Brothers - Uptown Bollywood Nights
Laurie Johnson - Chase That Car
Sfkuank!! - ? (cut 11)
Jerry Van Rooyen - Little Mean Men
Monty Norman - Jamaica Jump Up
Combustible Edison - Short Double Latte
The Jesters - Peter Gunn Twist 

PLAY>John Barry - Goldfinger
Richard Gleason Orchestra - Peter Gunn
Piero Piccioni - Colpo Rovente
The Non-Ventures - Diamonds Are Forever
John Baker - The Chase
George S. Clinton - Shagadelic Close Medley
Jimi Tenor - Night In Ioima
Willy Strickland & James Earle - I Spy White
Double Naught Spy Car - Someone's Creeping In My Yard
Whale - Crying At Airports
Jerry Van Rooyen - New York Is In China
Gary Newman - I, Asassin

PLAY>Francesco De Masi & A. Alessandroni - Tema Di Londra M.1
Sound 8 Orchestra - Agent Orange
Combustible Edison - Impact!
Tim Alexander & Mike Bordin - Choked
Banned Newsweek Cut
Jerry Goldsmith - The Attack
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kiut - The International Sin Set
The Who-Dads - Thunderball
Selecter - James Bond (live)
The Transistors - Spyderotica
Brazilian Girls - Never Met A German
Jerry Goldsmith -  Lost In Space
Leroy Holmes - Golden Girl
Combustible Edison  - Object D'Amour
The Fugs - CIA Man (live)
John Barry - From Russia With Love 

PLAY>Broadcast - The Book Lovers
Piero Piccioni - Identikit
Borghesia - She Is Not Alone
Riz Ortolani - Una Sull' Altra
The Shaw Brothers - Fear Of A Brown Planet
Limited Express (Has Gone?) - Spy
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Budapest Incident
M - Official Secrets