Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reagan's Polyp Radio Show

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PLAY>Mong Hang - Intro
Reagan's Polyp - Celebration
Amon Duul II - Utopia No. 1
Sfkuank!! - DoubleDutch
Hiromi's Sonicbloom - Time Control, Or Controlled By Time
Eugene Chadbourne - People With Too Much
John Trubee - Interstellar Erotic Frenzy At The Exploding Event Horizon
Matt Cameron & Taz Bentley - Theme From Wrong Holy-o
Horrific Child - Frayeur (excerpt)
Limited Express (Has Gone?) - February Library
New York Yoices - Baby Driver
Dan Peters Combo - Do You Remember Walter?
Double Naught Spy Car - Macedonia 6-5000
Brian Reitzell - Snake And Mongoose
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Guisevska Racenica

PLAY>Reagan's Polyp -  Penethesilea, Queen Of The Amazons
Reagan's Polyp - The Frank Tashlin Sex Modification Boogie In D Minor
Reagan's Polyp - Birdland
Reagan's Polyp -  My Hair Blows Up (live)
Reagan's Polyp - Suspect Chicken Procedures
Reagan's Polyp - Vampires Settle On Police Camp
Reagan's Polyp - Hot Slicky Anus
Reagan's Polyp - Ramage
TC & The Eddies - Take A Chance
Punk & Polyp - Mama Goes Ride A Cock Horse
Reagan's Polyp - Fajita
Reagan's Polyp - Fajita Post Lude
Reagan's Polyp - Seven Brides Or Seven Cousins
Reagan's Polyp - Yamaha Pre-Programmed Pad Demonstration

PLAY>Reagan's Polyp - Cream Rabbit
The Deadbeats - Brainless (live)
Reagan's Polyp - Koony Hut
Peter Thomas - Power Boost
Reagan's Polyp - 1-900 Monkeybutt
Pine Box Boys - Mr. Skeleton
Reagan's Polyp - Citizen Dwarf (Backwards)
Amon Duul II - Race From Here To Your Ears (a) Little Tornadoes (live)
Black Randy & The Metro Squad - Loner With A Boner (live)
Reagan's Polyp - Junkie Island
Sun Ra - The Forest Of No Return (live)
Reagan's Polyp - Jazz Thing #2
Hiromi's Sonicbloom - Time Difference
Reagan's Polyp - Jazz Thing #23
Reagan's Polyp - Citizen Dwarf (Polyp Dynasty version)

PLAY>Reagan's Polyp - Drug PSA
Reagan's Polyp - Gettin' Out There (part 1)
Amon Duul ii - Kannan
Reagan's Polyp - Gettin' Out There (part 2)
Peter Thomas - Spiral Angst
Reagan's Polyp - Bring Me Flash Gordon, But Shave Him, I Want Him Absolutely Hairless
Reagan's Polyp - Your Head (RWR remix)
Glenn Phillips - Theme From (Dawn Of The Prehistoric Newton)
Sfkuank!! - Tong Poo
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Marakebna Al Mina
Reagan's Polyp - Wake Up, You Sheep

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