Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Space Age Bachelor Pad Radio Show

PLAY>Esquivel - Jingle Bells (Greetings From Esquivel)
Combustible Edison - Vertigogo
Esquivel - All Of Me
David Rose - Gay Spirits
Pete Ruggolo - Manhattan Mambo
The Nirvana Sitar & String Group - The Letter
The Ames Brothers with Esquivel - Frenesi
Esquivel - Miniskirt
Esquivel with Carmen De Lirio - No Es Cierto
Les Baxter - Calcutta
The Transistors - Viva Esquivel
Esquivel - Mucha Muchacha
Randy Van Horne & His Swinging Choir - Do It Again
Esquivel - La Mantilla
Esquivel - Limehouse Blues
Dean Elliott - You're The Top
Bob Thompson - Mmm, Nice!

PLAY>Esquivel - The Breeze And I (Andalucia)
Esquivel - Whatchamacallit
Don Costa - Skyliner
Dickie Herrell - Drivin' Around The Block
Carl Stevens - Love For Sale
Combustible Edison - Short Double Latte
Esquivel - Brazil
Alvino Rey - Blues In The Night
Esquivel - Harlem Nocturne
Tak Shindo - Stumbling
Esquivel - Chihuahua / West Side Story Medley (live)
Esquivel - Introducing The Ladies (live)
Mihomihomakoto - I Want To Be Loved
Martin Denny - Cubano Chant
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - Peter Gunn Theme
Bob Thompson - Le Mans
Joe Fingers Carr - Istanbul, Not Constantinople
80 Drums Around The World - Istanbul, Not Constantinople

PLAY>The 3 Suns - Danny's Inferno
Esquivel - Johnson Rag
Yma Sumac - High Andes
Yma Sumac - Flame Tree
Martin Denny - Llama Serenade
Martin Denny Delilah
Esquivel - Burbuhas
Jean Jacques Perrey - Gossipo Perpetuo
Les Baxter _ Papagayo
The Voices Of Walter Schumann - Holiday For Strings
Bob Thompson - Just For Kicks
Felix Slatkin - I Get A Kick Out Of You
Henri Rene - Rollercoaster
The Transistors - Mission On Venus (remix)
Esquivel - The Peanut Vendor
Fantastic Plastic Machine - S'il Vous Plait

PLAY>Esquivel - Frosty The Snow Man
Esquivel - Lullaby Of Birdland
Martin Denny - Swamp Fire
Jo Ann Castle - Tico Tico
Bob Thompson - Playboy
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - Theme From The Avengers
Jack Costanzo - The Inch Worm
Werner Muller - Tango In The Rain
Robert Maxwell - An Accidental Slip On An Oriental Rug
The Transistors - Betty Boop Loves Tonga
Bob Thompson - Star Fire
Les Baxter - Sabre Dance
David Carroll - Hell's Bells
Esquivel - Guanacoa
Combustible Edison - The Millionaire's Holiday
Terry Snyder - Puttin' On The Ritz
Esquivel - Hawaiano
Billy May - This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet
Esquivel - Chant Of The Night
The First Moog Quartet - Hey Hey

PLAY>Martin Denny - Oro (God Of Vengence)
Armando Trovajoli - Sesso Matto
Esquivel - Amazon Paddle Boat
Yma Sumac - Tree Of Life
Carl Stevens - The Moon Was Yellow
Bobby Hammack - Powerhouse
Tommy Vig - Space Race
Esquivel - Street Scene
Esquivel - Lazy Bones
Cornelius - The Micordisneycal World Tour (Sean O'Hagan mix)
Esquivel - Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
Combustible Edison - Solid State
Martin Denny - Chant Of The Weed
Esquivel - Auld Lang Syne (Adios From Esquivel)

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