Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blow-Up Show Log


Blowfly - Fonky Party
Drywall - Fortune Cookies
DEVO - Blow Up (live)
Nina Hagen - African Reggae
Bruce Haack - War
Joe Satriani - Dweller At The Threshold
Blowfly - VD Party
Perez Prado - Mambo No. 5
Keith Mansfield - Young Scene
Hugo Montenegro - Stutterology
Bob Thompson - Just For Kicks
Blowfly - To-To-To-To-To-To
Blowfly - I Don't Want No Woman To Give Me Nothing
James Brown - I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing

Esquivel with Carmen De Lirio - No Es Cierto
Blowfly - The Girl Wants To F*ck
Babs Gonzales - Real Crazy
Monty Python - Bomb Scare
Dukes Of Stratosphere - My Love Explodes
Jeff Beck - Dirty Mind
Blowfly - The Eater
Blowfly - Spermy Night In Georgia
Blowfly - Odd Balls
Parliament - Bop Gun
Kondo Toshinori - ? (Bomb mix)
Horrific Child - Frayeur

Blowfly - Weird World
Blowfly - My Baby Keeps Farting In My Face
Blowfly - Hold On It's Running
Blowfly - Hole Man
Esquivel - Chihuahua/America/Introducing The Ladies (live)
Doug Clark - Hot Nuts Part 1
Frank Hunter - White Goddess
Faye Richmond - Tony's Got Hot Nuts
Hugo Montenegro - Quadimodo
Shaw Brothers - Fear Of A Brown Planet/Uptown
Cream - Take It Back
Blowfly - Me And Mrs Jones
Stuart Phillips - Jupiter Jumps
The 3 Haircuts - Goin' Crazy
Steve Vai - Kill The Guy With The Ball
Blowfly - Playing With Myself
Hot Butter - Popcorn
Jean Jacques Perrey - The Savers

Blowfly - The First Black President Part 1
The 180-G's - Everything's Going Fine
Peaches - Get It
Gong - Dynamite/I Am Your Animal (live)
Gong - 6/8 Tune (live)
Reagan's Polyp - Develop Revolutionary Consciousness
Cream - Strange Brew
Black Randy & The Metro Squad - I Wanna Be A Narc
Esquivel - Chant Of The Night
Blowfly - A Faggot Affair/Butt You
Perez Prado - Que Rico Mambo
Carla Bley - Real Life Hits (live)
Tadd Dameron - Casbah
Blowfly - Shaft

Shay Torrent - Caravan
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Electricity
The Pugs - Popcorn
Blowfly - Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho?
Keith Textor - Perdido
Blowfly - Electronic Pussy Sucker
Esquivel - Uptight/Hawaiian War Chant (live)
White Trash A Go-Go - Homos And Liars
Nina Hagen - Wau Wau
Blowfly - Blowfly At The Movies
Joe Satriani - Flying In A Blue Dream (live)
Hi-Posi - Jenny Is Bad Mood
Jeff Beck - Loose Cannon
Blowfly - The Sperm Is Gone