Thursday, October 6, 2011

Byron Werner featured in Los Angeles art show

Part 1
Opening October 7 & 8

Friday & Saturday, 8-11 pm

LA LUZ DE JESUS 25, 4633 Hollywood Blvd, is having the biggest exhibition in our history. In fact it's so big that it's going to take two months to showcase it all. On the weekends of October 7th and November 4th we'll be celebrating our twenty-fifth year of groundbreaking exhibitions with a show including almost everyone who's ever been featured here.

Billy Shire has masterminded and organized a monumental group show featuring over 250 artists, each of whom have contributed one new piece and a written anecdote about their experience with the gallery. This is La Luz de Jesus Gallery's first survey, featuring three generations of the most important artists working today. There will also be a book -a companion to the show, chronicling the rich legacy of La Luz de Jesus and the movements it helped launch. The full exhibition roster is featured here.

Browse by artist here.

Do Not Hesitate! Pieces are already selling!
Contact gallery director Matt Kennedy with pricing and purchase questions: (323) 666-7667.

Part 2
Opening November 4 & 5

Friday & Saturday, 8-11 pm

Details here: