Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Value-Pack Show Log


Meg - Tokyo Sound Remix
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Dada Sali
Ekone - Kpan Logo
Steve Vai - Midway Creatures
Cibo Matto - The Candy Man
Phil Manzanera with Robert Wyatt - Frontera
The Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion (7" mix)
Kevin Ayers and Nico - Irreversable Neural Damage
The Creatures - Prettiest Girl (Howie B mix)
T.Rex - Ride A White Swan
Chris Vrenna - The Steel Box
Debarge - I Like It (45 at 33)

Talk Talk - Talk Talk
The Music Machine - Talk Talk
Warren Kime's Brass Choir - Mas Que Nada (Pow! Pow! Pow!)
Hal Singer - Take Half
Pete Rugolo - Mixin' The Blues
Dizzy Gillespie - Oop-Pop-A-Da
Slim Gaillard - Arabian Boogie
Unity Megamix: Radioactive - The Eliminator /
Blue Pearl - Mother Dawn /
Zone Ranger - 2 B Reel /
Groove Tech - Mind on the Beat /
Marveline - Learn to Love /
Two Little Boys - Jimi Hendrix was Deaf
Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison - Bleeding Heart (live)
Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison - Tomorrow Never Knows (live)
Nico - Sagen Die Gelehrten
Nico - All That Is My Own
Nico - Evening Of Light (Alternate version)

XTC - It's Nearly Africa
Aster Aweke - Sengno (Monday)
Dave Brubeck - Iberia
Aquarium Rescue Unit - Basically Frightened (live)
The Man From Electone - K2
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (live)
Funkadelic - Think! It Ain't Illegal Yet! (chant)
The Urge - Going To The Liquor Store
The Urge - Bread
Roxy Music - Out Of The Blue (live)
Morris Pert - Marrakesh
Kate Bush - The Dreaming
Lawrence Welk - Baby Elephant Walk (live)
Lawrence Welk - Calcutta (live)
Visitors - L'Extra-Adventure De Villas-Boas

Big Country - Where The Rose Is Sown
Sreamin' Jay Hawkins - (She Put The) Wamee (On Me)
Ken Williams - Trashcan
Bjork - An Echo, A Stain
World Standard - ? #11
Cathy Berberian - Here, There And Everywhere
Ween - Frank
Ween - Awesome Sound
Ween - Pork Roll, Egg, And Cheese
Peter Ivers Band - Dark Illumination
David Bowie - I'm Afraid Of Americans
Let My People Come Soundtrack - I'm Gay
54 Nude Honeys - Honey In The Bathroom
54 Nude Honeys - Value
Bubble-Up Smootch
The Highliners - Henry The Wasp