Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stacks Wax Show Log


Yoko Kanno - Bad Dog, No Biscuits
Skavoovie - Sonic Boom
KOH - Kiss E
Carmel - I Thought I Was Going Mad
Gong - Radio Gnome Invisible
Talking Heads - Double Groove
Henry Cow - A Worm Is At Work
Billy Mure - Hawaiian War Chant
Paine - I Maniaci Dei Dischi
Dr. Walker - Cozmopolis
Hermann Szobel - Between 7 & 11
Sister Nancy - Originality
Shpongle - The Stamen Of The Shaman

Neal Hefti & The Wild Ones - Lord Love A Duck Finale
Pierro Piccioni - Katmandu
Fred Bongusto - Un Detective
Bonnie Prudden and Otto Cesana - Rush Hour
Ethel Merman - Everything's Coming Up Roses (Disco version)
Biff Rose - Buzz The Fuzz
DJ Shadow - Monosylabik (RWR Manhattan live dub)
Yoko Kanno - Cats On Mars
Dr. Walker - Girl Talk
Quiet Sun - Sol Caliente
Ex-Girl - Solid States Kerok'n'Roll
Spoozys - Space Biosphere Ventures
DJ Food - Half Step

Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
Manu Dibango - Senga
Buddy Morrow & the Skip-Jacks - The Raven
Dean Elliott - The Lonesome Road
Dizzy Gillespie & the Double Six - Anthropology
Black Randy & The Metro Squad - I'm Black And I'm Proud Pt 14
James Brown - I'm Black And I'm Proud
Black Randy & The Metro Squad - I'm Black And I'm Proud Pt 3
Yoko Kanno - Pot City
Dave Clark 5 - Over And Over
Armando Trovajo- Caccia Al Ladro
Ella Fitzgerald - Top Hat, White Tie, And Tails
Fabio Liberatori & Sonja Kristina - Eyes Do More Than See
DJ Punk-Roc - All You Ladies
Yoko Kanno - Piano Black
Manhattan Transfer - The Speak Up Mambo

Senor Wences - 'Sall Right Cha Cha
Roger Miller - Dang Me
Bill Monroe - Blue Grass Breakdown
Jim Kweskin Jug Band - Beedle Um Bum
The Three Haircuts - Goin' Crazy
Daevid Allen - It's The Time Of Your Life
Kali Bahlu - A Cosmic Phone Call
Parliament - One Nation Under A groove
Brass Connection - Ha Cha Cha (Funktion)
Piero Umiliani - Notte In Algeria
Zoogz Rift - Torture Sequence/You're Killing Me
Yoko Kanno - Tank! Power Of Kung-Food
Dead Kennedys - We've Got A Bigger Problem Now
Dead Kennedys - Rawhide

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