Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nothing Complicated Show Log


Fantastic Plastic Machine - L'Advernture Fantastique
Mad Professor - Black Orpheus
Coba with Kahime Karie - Tiny Monster
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love
Polysics - Hypnotize Go!
Meteors - Mutant Rock
Lene Lovich - Monkey Talk (live)
Radio Dada with Fez Moricone:
Elton And Betty White -
Shake It Up Baby
A Jelly Behind Woman Blows My Mind
Menopause Mama
Phnonpehn Model - ?
Anugama & Sebastiano - African Journey
Dino Crisis soundtrack
Earth Wind & Fire - Evil
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Mr. Fantasy's Love

The Urge - Boot Will Conquer Sandal/Take Me Home (live)
Akiro Ifukube - King Kong vs Godzilla
War - Livin' In The Streets
? - ? Japanese
Neil Innes - Little Ukelele (live)
Esquivel - Cherokee
Radio Dada with Fez Moriconne:
Iron Kock Interview/Cokin' Smokin' Tokin'
Radio Dada with Fez Moricone:
Elton & Betty White - Love This Black Elvis Tender
Bjork - Who Is It?
Big Maybelle - Such A Cutie
Doopees - Doopee Time
Radio Dada with Fez Moricone:
Elton & Betty White - Your Smell Makes Me Well
Little Dicks Fit Me Best
My Tongue Is A Flame Of Fire

Fantastic Plastic Machine - Allen Ginzberg
Jazz Butcher - Small Town
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Spacesound Effect
Lawrence Welk - Small Talk
Raymond Scott - The Girl At The Typewriter
Burt Wheedon - Apache
Haruomo Hosono - Disappeared
Janis Joplin - Try
Mockingbird - Euphoria!
The El Queso All-Stars - Flesh Pinata
Masaru Satoh - Son Of Godzilla
Dale Hawkins - Boogie Chillen
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Electric Lady Land
Carla Bley - Real Life Hits (live)
Attilio "Art" Mineo - Century 21
Blowfly - Baby, Let Me Do It To You (live)

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This show aired days before a trip to Los Angeles to look for Little Rock songwriter Elton White from the duo Elton and Betty White aka The Married Couple. It contains live radio appearances by the couple from 1986. The interview with the group Iron Kock is also recorded around this time at KABF by Jerry Colburn.