Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Now available from iTunes, Amazon & eMusic, and on CD, RURAL WAR ROOM - The Flaming Yawn recorded in Italy, Czech Republic, Japan and the USA. Click the cover to order - $16 USD postage paid within the continental USA.

• Outside the USA? No problem! Paypal for $20 USD postage paid.



Our weekly radio broadcast, Rural War Room Radio, specializes in preserving the most rare of vinyl records and imports, now four hours of airplay (at least)

• Every Tuesday night 10pm – 2am CST streaming live online from KABF 88.3 FM, Little Rock, Arkansas (that's 8pm-12am PST / 11pm-3am EST) International times listed below.

Click here to listen live weekly on iTunes!

• Check out a piece about KABF & RWR in Sync Magazine

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To catch RURAL WAR ROOM RADIO select your time zone during the next broadcast:

In the US:
11pm - 3am EST

10pm - 2am CST - 88.3 FM Little Rock, Arkansas
9pm - 1am MST
8pm - 12am Midnight PST

Outside the US, listen to RWR Radio live on
Wednesday morning, four hours, on iTunes worldwide:

RWR Radio Rio De Janeiro 2am - 6am

RWR Radio London 4am - 8am

RWR Radio de Roma 5am - 9am

RWR Radio Germany 5am - 9am

RWR Radio Moscow 7am - 11am

RWR Radio Bangkok 10am - 2pm

RWR Radio Tokyo 3pm - 7pm

RWR Radio Honolulu 6pm - 10pm