Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Loose Show

Original Air Date: 3-07-2009

Frances Cannon - Spaceships Have Landed
The York Brothers - Tremblin'
Wild Man Fischer - Don't Be A Singer
L D Mitchell & The Amalgamated Taxicab Service - Planet Of Union
Sun Ra - Saturn
Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis - Soundiata
Capt. Beefheart - Click Clack (live)
The Blue And The Gray - Wine, Wine, Wine
Django Reinhardt & Stephaine Grappelli - Nagasaki
The "5" Royals - The Slummer, The Slum
Luie Luie - Lord, What A Wonderful World
Talking Heads - Warning Sign (live)
Jefferson Airplane - Rejoyce
Nina hagen - Dr. Art
Shooby Taylor - Peg O' My Heart
Screaming Jay Hawkins - I'm Your Man
Alessio Santoni - Baobob
Devo - Whip It (Philip Steir & Ramin Sakurai mix)
Aquarium Rescue Unit - Fixin' To Die (live)
King Kurt - Banana Banana

Capt. Beefheart - Kandy Korn
Manu Dibango - Super Kumba
Solid Eye - Gilbert
Sawtooth Renegade - Mr. Rogers
Joseph Spence - Neighbor Go Home
Twink - The Great Circus Show
Wild Man Fischer - Talking
Marc Turner - Turtle's Death
Bozone - Tarpit Of Your Love
The Hiders - Back Home
Glenn Phillips - The Tube
The Ramones - I Don't Care (demo)
Polysics - We Ate The Machine
Stereo Total - L.A., Ca
Frances Cannon - Lincoln's Ghost
Grandadbob - City Approach
Rod McKuen & Rock Hudson - Wings (Why Do They Want Us To Walk?)
Pastor John Rydgren - Intro/Rinky Dink
Shooby Taylor - Jesus, My Soul Is In Your Hands
Jack Ross - Mumbles
Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation
The Fabulous Raiders - Hand Clapping Time
Dana Countryman - Cocktails In Space
Snookum Russell - Basin Street Ain't Basin Street No More
Lambert, Hendrix, & Ross - Come On Home
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Rock Me
Sun Ra - Forest Of No Return
Bembeya Jazz National - Djanfamagni
Zacharias - Light My Fire
Margoo - The Words Get Stuck In My Throat
Wild Man Fischer - I'm The Meany
Johnny Future - Mongoloid
Solid Eye - Galatea
Twink - Choo Choo
Cioccolata - Nina
King Kurt - Wreck-A-Party Rock
Capt. Beefheart - Pachuco Cadaver
The Ramones - Judy Is A Punk (demo)
Luie Luie - Lost In My World
Hi-Posi - Hozon Suruhoho
Georgio Li Calzi Featuring Wolfgang Flur - Freakin' Out
Nina Hagen - African Reggae (10" version)
Nitzer Ebb - Fun To Be Had (The George Clinton / Long mix)
Frances Cannon - Discoveries
Talking Heads - Born Under Punches (live)
Sun Ra - The Perfect Man
The Hit Crew - No Farting On The Dance Floor
Wild Man Fischer - Handy Man
Marc Turner - Reaper Dance
Glenn Phillips - Razor Pocket
Twink - Three Wishes