Friday, November 28, 2008

Rural War Room Records

• Rural War Room Records is proud to bring you artists otherwise lost in the shuffle. Please support our efforts to preserve lost artists from Arkansas.

• Here is a list of direct links for Rural War Room Records Recording Artists. Click the artist for more info.
• Elton and Betty White
• Johnny Future
• Bob Wall
• Tammy Loretta Judd
• Red Octopus Theater
• Mr. Santa
• The Real Jonzes
• White Trash A-Go-Go
- and the band that started it all -

Also, watch for the lost gem, The New World of Stainless Steel and the compilation of lost records, 78 Party!

Other Rural War Room Records artists include CC and the Fossiles, El Barak, Grieve, The Madley Children, The Miracle Sisters, Jack Pardon, DJ ApeShit, The UBAF and more!

• All of these works published by Rural War Room Publishing ASCAP.

• Hear wonderful rare tunes every Tuesday night!

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