Wednesday, July 10, 2019

1969 Radio Happening Podcast

                                                          Artwork by Martin Sharp
PLAY–Rosko - 1969 Teenage Fair
King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man
101 Strings - A Disappointed Love With A Desensitized Robot
Santana - Jingo  
Ultimate Spinach - Ego Trip
The Pretty Things with Philippe Debarge - Alexander
The Bubble Puppy - Days Of Our Time
Lothar & The Hand People - What Grows On Your Head?
The Cowsills - Hair
Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies - Kalyani / You Can't Ever Come Down
The Bonzo Dog Band - Tent
The Grass Roots - Lovin' Things
Kevin Ayers - The Clarietta Rag
Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab - Droge CX 9

PLAY–Tyrannosaurus Rex - The Sea Beasts
Colosseum - Debut (Live)
Jefferson Airplane - Watch Her Ride (Live)
Ornette Coleman - Round Trip
Soft Machine - Hibou Anemone And Bear
Jimi Hendrix & friends - Midnight Lightning Jam
Spirit - I Got A Line On You
The Move - Blackberry Way
Kevin Ayers - Song For Insane Times
Grace Slick talks Jefferson Airplane, drugs, and 1969

PLAY–Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Pachuco Cadaver
Can - Outside My Door
Nico - No One Is There (alternate version)
Original Broadway Cast of Hair - Going Down
Donovan - Barabajagal
Santana - Fried Neck Bones (Live)
The Moody Blues - Ride My See Saw
Lothar & The Hand People - Today Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow
Silver Apples - You And I
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles
Dusty Springfield - Don't Forget About Me
Pink Floyd - Crumbling Land

PLAY–Moby Grape - Ooh Mama Ooh
Lothar & The Hand People - Heat Wave
Tom Jones - Hi Heel Sneakers (Live)
Jimi Hendrix with Lightnin' Rod - Doriella Du Fontaine
James Brown - Funky Drummer
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Sugar 'n Spikes / Ant Man Bee
Tiny Tim - Be My Baby (Live)
Jefferson Airplane - Turn Down The Lights (Live)
Spirit - Dark Eyed Woman
The Carolyn Hester Coalition - I'm Magic, Man
Kevin Ayers - Stop This Train (Again Doing It)

PLAY–Band Of Gypsys - Machine Gun (Live)
Pink Floyd - Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up
The Doors - Not To Touch The Earth (Dialogue & Take 1)
Nico - Evenings Of Light (alternate version)
Soft Machine - As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
The Turtles - How You Loved Me
The Pretty Things with Philippe Debarge -You're Running You And Me
The Bonzo Dog Band - Noises For The Leg
Jethro Tull - Living In The Past
Jefferson Airplane - The Other Side Of This Life (Live)
The Apollo 11 Moon Landing July 20th, 1969 

1969 favorite Tiny Tim

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