Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rare Error Show Podcast

Happy Birthday to RWR founder and Subgenius Saint Byron Werner!!

PLAY≥Intro/Byron's Birthday/Error #1

PLAY≥Jeff Beck - Space Boogie (live)
Ex-Girl - Waving Scientists @ Frog King
Pigeon Funk - Bacchanal
Perrey & Kingsley - Unidentified Flying Object
Comedian Harmonists - Perpetuum Mobile
Margaret Whiting - Pass That Peace Pipe
Dust Devil - Chantoozy Doozie
Don Tiki - Bwana Banana (Br. Cleve's Bongo Congo Mix)
Missa Fukuma - Ishii Mizu
Ozric Tentacles - Ch'ai?
Gong - Expresso
The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
Kal - Dvojka

PLAY≥Don Tiki - The Other Side Of The Moon (Ursula 1000 Mix)
Kanui & Lula - Oua Oua
The Resdients - Whoopy Snort
Duke Ellington - Diga Diga Doo
Combustible Edison - Cat O' Nine Tails
Shiina Ringo with Neko Saito - Meisai
Spring Heel Jack - Rachel Point
Bruce Haack - Man Kind
Kate Bush - Sat In Your Lap
Anja Garbarek - Shock Activities
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Prelude /A Day Laye / Woodland Bop
Anzhelika Varum - I'll Tell You "Yes"
Paris Combo - Les Portes De L'Ennui
Gary Lucas' Fleischerei - I Want A Clean Shaven Man

PLAY≥The Will Strike Singers with Mitch Miller & his Orchestra - Clean-O
Olya Polyakova - Polyakova Style
The Moog Cookbook - Come Out And Play
Polysics - Dry Or Wet
Ex-Girl - Ahi Fry (Fried Horse Mackerel)
Shiina Ringo - As You Like It

PLAY≥Miles Davis - Sid's Ahead
Dizzy Gillespie - Cool Breeze
Little Richard - Rip It Up
Johnny Hodges & his Orchestra - Peckin'

PLAY≥Altered Images - Happy Birthday (12" Version)
Sandie Shaw - Run
Charles Mingus - Boogie Stop Shuffle
Red Baraat - Gaadi Of Truth
DEVO - Space Junk / Too Much Paranoias (live)
Polysics - I Ate The Machine
Jimi Hendrix - Astro Man
The Magic Band - Suction Prints (live)
Massacre - Aging With Dignity
Missa Fukuma - Solaris
PEVO - Ya! Po!
Sol K. Bright's Hollywaiians - Tomi Tomi

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