Saturday, January 28, 2012

world wide weird

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Live radio stream every Tuesday 10pm central from Little Rock, Arkansas - Pick a link ->Direct ->Radiotime
11pm - 3am Eastern Time
10pm - 2am Central Time on 88.3 FM in Little Rock
9pm - 1am Mountain Time
8pm - 12am Midnight Pacific Time
5pm - 9pm in Hawaii

We play every genre of music, specializing in vinyl records, unreleased cuts, b-sides, 78s, rare imports, bootlegs, bloopers, remixes, experiments, the most entertaining non-Top 40, never-been-played-on-radio songs - now in our 6th year

Outside the US, listen to RWR Radio live on Wednesday
Rio De Janiero 2am - 6am
London 4am - 8am

Roma 5am - 9am

Germany 5am - 9am

Moscow 7am - 11am

Bangkok 10am - 2pm

Tokyo 12pm Noon - 4pm


The cyberband Rural War Room has many releases recorded in Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, Denmark and the USA. The latest, It's The Modern Age is available on iTunes worldwide, Amazon, etc, below.

Albums & EPs by Rural War Room
-It's The Modern Age EP
-The Flaming Yawn
-Ring-A-Ding Orangutan
-EP/Live EP

Various artist albums featuring Rural War Room
-Zero State Media 2011 (UK) <-Download for free
-Utopia Research - Warming Signs (Italy)
-Switched on Bob - A Tribute To Bob Moog (UK)
-Koo Koo Klusterkluck Kompilation (USA) <-Download for free
-Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated Volume 9 (Devo)
-Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated Volume 8 (Devo)
-Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated Volume 7 (Devo)


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