Sunday, January 4, 2009

RWR Radio Year-In-Review

RURAL WAR ROOM RADIO with Byron Werner and Donavan Suitt on from KABF 88.3 FM / Little Rock, Arkansas

The Year-In-Review Show
Original Air Date: 12-30-2008

Chad Buddy Habig - Cartoon Music 1
Chad Buddy Habig - Bisquits
Luie Luie - Touch Me With All Your Heart
The "5" Royals - The Slummer The Slum
Eartha Kitt - I Want To Be Evil
Rural War Room - Auto Modown
Polysics - Boys And Girls
PEVO - Pink Pussycat
Love...with Arthur Lee - Everybody's Gotta Live
Yma Sumac - No Es Vida
The Transistors - Betty Boop Loves Tonga
Edie Adams & Ernie Kovacs - The Wrong Man
Raymond Scott & Dorothy Collins - Lightworks
Paolo Conte - Elisir
Stump - Everything In It's Place
Rudy Ray Moore - Black Cat
Tammy Loretta Judd - All By Myself Alone Again Ad
Sun Ra Arkestra w/Blues Project - Batman Theme
The Real Jonzes - Fly Me To The Moon
Eartha Kitt - The Heel
Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine Of Your Love
Magnetik - Exodus From London
The Transistors - Sun of a beach
Polysics - Rocket
Johnny Hawksworth - Danger Girl
Elton & Betty White - Heat
Elton & Betty White - A Jelly Behind Woman Blows My Mind
Margoo - Words Get Stuck In My Throat
Rudolf The Robot - O Superman
PRVO - M-6
Luie Luie - Tortilla Touchy
The Insect Trust - The Special Rider
Magnetik - Night Train (Burning)
The Transistors - Stop Shoot Shock Shout
Eartha Kitt - Lovin' Spree
Mr. Santa - (I Almost Feel Like) The Booze Is Drinking Me