Thursday, July 5, 2018

Topical Fireworks 4th of July Radio Podcast

PLAY≥Choppier - Ti-Na Ni-Na O
Martin Denny - Goony Birds
Tabou Combo - Chale Lanmou
Tommy Morgan - Bali Ha'i
Manuel Monestell & The Calypso Limon Legends - One Pant Man
Hilo Hattie - Hello Aloha
Derrick Harriott - Monkey Ska
Frank Hunter - Strange Echoes
Ursula 1000 - Other Side Of The Moon (remix)
Victor Lundberg - An Open Letter To My Teenage Son
Brazilian Girls - Pussy
Ixtahuele - Stone Gods Of Binimi
Lord Kitchener - Jump In The Line
Les Baxter - Jungle Jalopy

PLAY≥Yellowman - Party
Combustible Edison - One Eyed Monkey
Nona Hendrix - Skin Diver
Group Of Gods - Thunder Island
Roberto "Congoman" Watts & The Calypso Limon Legends - Rum
Dominic Frontiere - Jaguar God
Coalishun - Ice Cream
Martin Denny - Coronation
Midnight - Grunt 8
Arthur Lyman - Ringo Oiwake
Lee Scratch Perry - Roots Train No 1 (dub)

PLAY≥Hilo Hattie - Honi-Kaua
Krosfyah - Pump Me Up
Group Of Gods - Slack Baby Slack
Don Tiki - Heat (Jack Fetterman Tabuzak Mix)
Pascal Plantinga - Da T'ing He Grow (remix)
Ixtahuele - Black Sand
Niney - Blood & Fire
Robert Drasnin - Hindara
Walter Ferguson - Computer
Ray Martin - Flagwaver
Prince - Sex In The Summer
The Presidents - Aquaduct
Negativland attempt at July 4th live remote

PLAY≥Ixtahuele - Rarohengan Dance
Margareth Menezes - Ifa Um Canto Pra Subir
Combustible Edison - Breakfast At Denny's (live)
Toots & The Maytals - Time Tough
Victor Lundberg - On Censorship
The Mighty Sparrow - Sell The Pussy
Martin Denny - Happy Talk
Leo Graham - Want A Wine
Martin Denny - Firecracker
Herberth Glinton - Nowhere like Limon
Ixtahuele - Dengue Fever
Ralph Thamar - Dokte
Tommy Morgan - Taboo
Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Jungle Lion
Dominic Frontiere - House Of Dawn
Marisa Monte - Blanca Pema

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