Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Buy real, physical CDs that you do not have to download that arrive in a brown package via postal mail to celebrate Black Friday! Our complete works 2005-2015 on 6 CDs with 2 t-shirts, stickers and more available now! Rural War Room - The Lot Deluxe 2015

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Limited edition DEVOlved t-shirt in your size M, L, XL, (additional charge) 1XL, 2XL
These ash grey shirts were pressed in Little Rock by Electric Ghost. Other colors available at our CafePress page

The Lot Deluxe Edition

Rural War Room - The Lot (DELUXE EDITION) 7 CD Set  - contains all Rural War Room cyberband CD releases 2005-2015. Full-length debut Ring-A-Ding Orangutan, related 12" EP Rural War Room, full-length collaboration from the full cyberband spanning six countries – The Flaming Yawn, related EP It's The Modern Age, UK/USA EP Soviet Life, and the latest Edited It plus full-length CD from the RWR US tour DEVOlved featuring Theramina and PEVO (Japan) 
Rard DEVOlved CD
DEVOlved Byron Werner t-shirt
Original 2006 Werner design Ring-A-Ding shirt
 All together, The Lot includes 7 compact discs, 2 high quality t-shirts, 2 indoor use stickers, 3 cards, various paper art objects by Werner & Suitt. Paypal - only $100 POSTAGE PAID in continental US - Ships within the week! Available for a limited time!