Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Planetary Radio Show

Live remixes with sounds of NASA from the American Pegasus Rocket and a birthday for Robert Smith/35 years of Seventeen Seconds rarity.

PLAY>The Human League - Introducing
Piero Umiliani - Elzeviro
John Cage Vs DJ Krush - The Williams Black Hole
Rockets - Back To Your Planet
DEVO - Human Rocket
Mina - P.etit.e
DJ Food Vs Rural War Room - Scientific Youth In Space
Todd Rundgren - In And Out The Chakras We Go (Formerly: Shaft Goes To Outer Space)
Dr. Strange Love - Br Off To The Moon
Lucia Pamela - Walking On The Moon
Spirit - Space Child/When I Touch You

PLAY>John Barry - Space March
Herbert Eimert - Klangstudie II
Peter Thomas - Phasing Violins
XXC3Crew - Gamegirl (Space dub)
Patrick Cowley - Teen Planet
Oskar Sala - Concertando Rubato
Sun Ra - The Cosmos
Focus Vs Tod Dockstader - Mars Apocalypse
Rockets - In The Black Hole/In The Galaxy
Cabbageboy - Interstellar Love
Peter Thomas - Leukozyt

PLAY>DJ Food Vs Vladimir Ussachevsky - Wireless Spiral Fantasy (Rural War Room mix)
Daphne Oram - 2001 Effects Tape 2
Party Animals - Aquarius (RWR dub)
Parliament - The Big Bang Theory
Pauline Oliveros Vs DJ Pennfold - Bye Bye Planet Plan
Piero Umiliani - Motore A Ioni
Otto Leuning - Low Speed
Stoch, Hausen & Walkman - Space Rocks
The Cure - M-Three Planet (live) "Happy Smith, Robert Birthday!"
Spice Girls - Stop

PLAY>Response - Jetkids (Magnetic Storm mix)
Autopsy Report Of A Drowned Shrimp - Artemia-Nauplius
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Kontakte (excerpt)
Daphne Oram - Ursa Major (Sun Mix)
Laurie Anderson - From The Air
Rockets - Astral Plane
Brave Combo - Flying Saucer
Spice Girls - Move Over
Disintegration Missles Segment
MEV - Spacecraft
Sun Ra - Other Worlds
DJ Krush featuring Opus Vs Rural War Room - Trihedron