Saturday, December 29, 2012

That's MR. Santa to YOU!

It's your last chance to get

Mr. Santa CD Single - Show Me Your Tits
1. "Show Me Your Tits - And That's Its" 4:23
2. "Day Stripper" 2:13


Visit Rural War Room Records artists page - Mr. Santa on Soundcloud for clips from two holiday songs by Mr. Santa (Little Rock Arkansas) - Almost sold out!


Mr. Santa - Ooops! CD for $12 USD postage paid - Paypal

*Contains the hit "Time Of My Life" ripped off by Black Eyed Peas

1. Drinkin' Booze In The Park
2. You Bring Me Beer Now (Bring Me A Beer) - Hear sample
3. I'm Too Drunk - Hear sample
4. Oops! I Did It Again! And I'm Still Doing It! - Hear sample
5. She's A Brick Spouse - Hear sample
6. (I Almost Feel Like) The Booze Is Drinkin' Me - Hear sample
7. Songs I Hate
8. I Had The Time Of My Life - Hear sample
9. Songs I Hate
10. Here Comes Me (Live)
11. Drink! Drink! Drink! (Live)
12. The Big Finish! (Live)
13. Drinkin' Booze In The Park (Radio Version)
14. I'm Too Drunk (Radio Version)
15. Oops! I Did It Again! And I'm Still Doing It! (Radio Version)
16. She's A Brick Spouse (Radio Version)
17. (I Almost Feel Like) The Booze Is Drinkin' Me (Radio Version)
18. I Had The Time Of My Life (Radio Version)

Mr. Santa - Vocals
Buddy Habig - Improvised music
Steve "Pariah" Ross - All instruments on "The Big Finish"
Carrroll Channning - Rim shots
Some Band - Other Music

IT'S MY 21ST BIRTHDAYY!! buy me a drink!!!

Since 1991, Mr. Santa has taunted you. Are you gonna take that shit? Mr. Santa and Some Band want to make your next event memorable. Don't miss out! Book early! Custom details to meet your specific party needs. No event too small or big. Mr. Santa's holiday / ex-wife / cab driving spectacle-of-a-show is available for any private party, birthday, bar/bat-mitzvah, graduation, family reunion, wedding, funeral, casual sex encounter or open marriage escapade YEAR ROUND. Mr. Santa will make your private party or event unforgettable! With an unmistakable knack for spotting celebrities amongst your party guests, an alarming ability to fall down without breaking things, and a song in his heart, Mr. Santa is always a party animal for you! Mr. Santa has been entertaining at private parties since 1991. Choose the full stand-up act, Karaoke party, both (or neither) for your next event! Send a request to ruralwarroominfo (at) gmail (dot) com for more information about party details.