Friday, November 4, 2011

world wide weird

Live radio stream every Tuesday 10pm from Little Rock, Arkansas
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11pm - 3am Eastern Time
10pm - 2am Central Time on 88.3 FM in Little Rock
9pm - 1am Mountain Time
8pm - 12am Midnight Pacific Time
5pm - 9pm in Hawaii

Unreleased cuts, b-sides, 78s, rare imports, bootlegs, bloopers, remixes, experiments & self-digitized stuff - now in it's 6th year

Outside the US, listen to RWR Radio live on Wednesday
Rio De Janiero 2am - 6am
London 4am - 8am

Roma 5am - 9am

Germany 5am - 9am

Moscow 7am - 11am

Bangkok 10am - 2pm

Tokyo 12pm Noon - 4pm


The cyberband Rural War Room has many releases available on iTunes. RURAL WAR ROOM - The Flaming Yawn recorded in Italy, Czech Republic, Japan and the USA is the latest, spawning the international project, It's The Modern Age - watch for release dates soon.

Albums now available by Rural War Room
-The Flaming Yawn
-Ring-A-Ding Orangutan
-EP/Live EP

Various artist albums featuring Rural War Room
-Zero State Media 2011 (UK) <-Download for free
-Utopia Research - Warming Signs (Italy)
-Switched on Bob - A Tribute To Bob Moog (UK)
-Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated Volume 9 (Devo)
-Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated Volume 8 (Devo)
-Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated Volume 7 (Devo)


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