Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Garden Of Delights Show Log

Garden Of Delights Show

Sauter-Finegan Orchestra - Swingcussion
Dave Harris - Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals
Aquarium Rescue Unit - Lives Of Longevity
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Where There's Woman
Cheikha Tetma - Guenene Tini
Golden Arm Trio - Leonard
Martin Denny - Bangkok Cockfight
Yma Sumac - Tree Of Life
Rockets - Ziga Ziga 999
Talking Heads - Listening Wind
Akiko Yano - You Are What You Eat
Madness - Primrose Hill
Spongle - Star Spongled Banner
Scienz Of Life - Hot Banana's

Nina Hagen - African Reggae
Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Jungle Lion
The 180-G's - Everything's Going Fine
Double-D - Big Fish
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - Orbit Around the Moon
D.H. Miller & A. Sherman - Flameout
Horst Ackerman & Heribert Thusek - Murder In The Space Station
Lust In Space remix
Raymond Scott & The Secret 7 - Temptation
Esquivel - Lullaby Of Birdland
Henri Rene - Hansel And Pretzel
Stereotypes -Secret Garden
Perez Prado - Monitor Mambo
Divinyls - I Touch Myself

Rita Hovink - Blue Blue Beat
Billy Mure - Hawaiian War Chant
The Three Suns - Caravan
Ween - Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - One Red Rose That I Mean
Oppenheimer - Blue Rose
The Attery Squash - The Fashion Of The Time
The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men
Russ Case - The Sailor's Dance
Gogol Bordello - Copycat
Anja Garbarek - Shock Activities
Eurythmics - Your Time Will Come
Martin Denny - Stone God
Mychael Danna - Aphrodesia
Akiko Yano - Jin Jin
Aerospace Soundwave CGX - Caught Between Seasons

Horst Ackerman & Heribert Thusek - Galactic Adventures Of The Space Fleet "Hope"
D.H. Miller & A. Sherman -Barrier x-69
Nina Hagen - Hermann Hiess Er
Simon Fisher Turner - Clock Faced Flower Bed
Horst Ackerman & Heribert Thusek - Industry Computer
Clan Of Xymox - Muscoviet Musquito
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go
Golden Arm Trio - Bigwig
Raymond Scott - Curley Cue
Queen vs Adam Ant - Vanity Bites The Dust (Carty Mix)
Raymond Scott & The Secret 7 - Waltz Of The Diddles
Shirley & Squirrely - Hello Shirley, This Is Squirrely
Akiko Yano - ? (live)
Blowfly - Hole Man

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