Thursday, April 22, 2010

World Wide Modern Show Log


Louis Prima - The Music Goes 'Round and Around
Don Tiki - Primitiva
April Stevens - Do It Again (Wagon Christ remix)
Miho Hatori - Today Is Like That
Kayo - ?
Attilio "Art" Mineo - Gayway To Heaven
Dave Clarke - Atomic Nation
The Rockets - One Day
The Dukes Of Sratosphere - What In The World?
Combustible Edison - Pink Victim
Mina - ?
Late Bronze Age - A Stained Soul Cringes At The Small Details In The Mirror Of Embarassment
Sheep On Drugs - Mary Jane
Akiko Yano - ? Pt 1

Anandji & Kalyanji Shah - Fists Of Curry
Larry Hooper with Lawrence Welk - Minnie The Mermaid
DJ Lunatic & The Asylum - Atari 2600 VCS
Hecate's Angels - Seduction Of The Minotaur
Orgasmatron Band - Lydia's Tip
Praxis - Interface / Stimulation Loop
Elmer Bernstein vs Meat Beat Manifesto - Staccato's Theme (Happening At Waldo's remix)
Mario Nascimbene - Carol In The Sea
Alexis Fleisig - Don't Ruin Me Gorgeous
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Yellow Coat
Tom Waits - Hang On St. Christopher
Tiki Tones - Fire Good
St. Johnny - Scuba Diving
Porter Wagoner - The Rubber Room
Prince - Foor Goo (live)
Late Bronze Age - King Greed
Rise Robots Rise - Talk Is Cheap

Horst Ackermann & Heribert Thusek - Hit Parade in The Light Year 25
Talking Heads - New Feeling (live)
Akiko Yano - ? Pt 2
Ken Nordine - Reaching Into In
Omo The Hobo - Hey Fireman!
Polysics - Modern
Shiina Rongo - Stoicism (DJ Apeshit remix)
Reagan's Polyp - Penthesilia, Queen Of The Amazons
Praxis - Animal Behavior
Glanta v Third Eye Foundation - Why I Dance
Late Bronze Age - When In Doubt, Go Completely Out...Or Do Something Familiar
Nina Hagen - Springtime In Paris
The Tokyo Boys - The Copacabana
Atomic Jefferson - Electric Torch
The Rockets - On The Road Again (remix)

House Of Sectionals - Radio: 1-AM
Piero Umiliani - La Foresta Incantata
K. Metob - BYDB
Tex Williams - Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!
Nelson Riddle - Route 66
Akiko Yano - ?
Mosquitos - Boom Box
Don Tiki - Axolotl
Caspian Hat Dance - Amariszi, Amari
Del Rubio Triplets - Boots
Baggy Chopper - Star Gold
The Attery Squash - The Fashion Of The Time
Kowkn Mbiwkn - Mbi Bam...
Hecate's Angels - Comatose Dose
He Himself - Prang Overdrive

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