Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Open Ended Show Log


The Porcupine Tree - Linton Samuel Dawson
The Bozone - Devious Ways
Mina - Una Zebra A Pois
Bo Baral's Excursionists - Gettin' Down Into Somethin'
Dust - Sky Flight
Pickin' On Metallica
Nancy Bea Hefley - Organ Medley
St. Louis Cardinals 1964 World Champions record with Harry Caray & Jack Buck / Locker room talk scored by Nancy Bea Hefley
Danny Kaye - The Dodger Song
Hi-Posi - Dear My Friend
Bob Markey - Roger The Rocket Ship

Thee Midniters - Whittier Blvd
Os Mutantes - Panis Et Circenses
The Poets Of Rhythm - Upper Class
Carvin Knowles - Sexercise
Danielle Dax - Here Come The Harvest Buns
Kay Starr - You Gotta Buy, Buy, Buy For Baby
The English Beat - Hit It
Ennio Morricone - Magic & Ecstasy
The Nutty Boys - Pop My Top
Masters Of The Edge - Thrown-Conference At Trancorga (excerpt)
Astronauta Pinguim - Trilha De Audio 33
Cal Tjader - S.S. Groove (live)
Firehouse Five Plus Two - Tiger Rag
Vance Dixon - Laughing Stomp
Ronnie & The Rainbows - Loose Ends

Legendary Stardust Cowboy - I Took A Trip In A Gemini Spaceship
Guiye Frayo - El Pajaro Flecha
Os Mutantes - Tempo No Tempo
Nena - 99 Luft Balloons
Perez Prado - Sexomania
Stone Roses - Fool's Gold (2 many DJs Radio Solex Mix)
Los Mirlos - Sondio Amazonico
Pastor John Rydgren - A Breath Away & ?
Nancy Bea Hefley - El Cubachero
The Coachmen - Two Girls
Pickin' On Floyd - Lucifer Sam
Louie Overseas - A Studio Session
? - Change The Name Of Arkansas
Men & Volts - Virginia Get Serious
Mina - Tintarella Di Luna
The Noblemen - The Dragon Walk
Los Diablos Rojas - El Guapo
Iron Kock - Cokin, Smokin, Tokin
Fez Marcone interviews Iron Kock at KABF studios

Rosa Luxemburg II - ?
Ray Mang & Nathan D'Troit - Off Side
? - Tehtaan Vahtimestarit
Bill Nelson - Out Of Touch (live)
Cal Tjader - A Night In Tunisia (live)
DJ Quest - Mutation #3
M. Ashrat featuring Nahid Aktar - Mera Mehbob Hai
Propellerheads - Take California
?- Spatial Mountain Birdsong
Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive
Los Hijos Del Sol - Linda Munequita
Bud Grippah - Hold It
Thee Midniters - Jump Jive & Harmonize
Mr. F. Le Mur - "Bob" Working For You
Carvin Knowles - Private Dick
The Right Track - You Destroyed My Soul
Les Baxter w/Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman - Struttin' With Clayton
Margoo - Hipster's Shangri-La

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