Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Across The Board Show Log


Soul Sliders - Practice What You Preach
The New Bangs - Go Go Kitty
Timeless Sonic Factory - The Day The Moog Stood Still
'Bisca - Collezione Autunno / Inervo
The Bo Baral's Excursionists - Getting Down Into Somethin'
Franco De Gemini - Cheops And Neffertiti
Caspian Hat Dance - Hango
Kaa De Slang - Kijk Naar Mij
Timothy Leary Vs Hi-Posi & Ex-Girl - Heat It Up In This Computer World (live RWR mix)
Peter Thomas - Take Sex
Colleen Lovett - Birds With Broken Wings Part 1 (radio version)
Piero Umiliani - Notte In Algeria

Gil Scott Herron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Arcana - Illumination
Charles Kuralt, William Morris & Allen Ginsberg - Greenwich Village Poets
Taovision Alchemical Orchestra - Space Nazis
The Residents - Fingertips
Nina Simone - I Put A Spell On You
Snookum Russell - Basin Street Ain't Basin Street No More
Frosty & The Diamonds - Destination Mars
Nutty Boys - You Got It (DJ ApeShit remix)
Hank Van Der Molen - Die Doe Dee Dei
Tom Waits - God's Away On Business
De Bieteltjes - Haal De Scheidinguit Je Haar
Dynamic Sound Makers - On The Run
The Fouryo's - Sprong In Het Heelal
Nikesh Shukla - If Only All Policemen Were Cuddly
Knock-Off Euro Party Mix with Albert Kussin & Allen Coelho - Intro / Let Me Go / Tarzan Boy / Promises, Promises / Don't You Want Me, Baby / Pop Music / Nineteen / Der Kommisar

The Beatles - Birthday
Elvis Presley - The Walls Have Ears
Peter Thomas - Song And Sound The Stars Around
Whitefield Brothers - Donkey
Tony Esposito - L'Eroe Di Plastica
Timo Maas - Shifter (short edit)
The Plastics - Ignore
Die Alten Maschinen & Gerald V. Casale - To Be Or Not
Missa Fukuma - Boosta featuring Alberto Camarini - Love'n Roll Robot
Ronnie & The Ronnies - Boem Boem Is Ho
King Kurt - Wreck-A-Party Rock
Polysics - ?
KMFDM - Vogue 2000

Tosh Posh Skylab - Desolate
Valvola - Space Tug
Megahurtz - Mini Calcolatore
Nina - Hairspray
Unknown Hinson - Fish Camp Woman (live)
Akiko Yano - ? (live)
James White & The Blacks - Sax maniac (live)
Pietje Potent - Pietje In De Discotheek
Knockoff Disco Party Mix 4 with Albert Kussin & Allen Coelho - Intro / Instant Replay / I've Got The Next Dance / Ring My Bell / Contact / Do You Want To Funk / Get Off / Dancing At The Disco / Shake Your Groove Thing
Peter Thomas Hedono
DA - Neverland Ballroom
John Barry - Bees Knees (live)

Soul Saint Orchestra - Into Space And Time
Mario Migliardi - Splowg's
Spontaneous Combustion - And Now For Something Completely Different (48 rpm)
John Barry - Beat Girl (48 rpm)
Alma Megretta - Nun Te Scurda
The Madley Children - In The Air (original demo version)
Robotino - Music For Live Set Part 3
Missa Fukuma - ?
DJ ApeShit - John Cougar Vs Vladmir Coasma - Real Good Dancer
DJ ApeShit - Soul Coughing Vs Little Richard - Curse Of The Hollywood Twins
Peter Thomas - Ballet
Peanut Butter Wolf - Peanut Vs Cappe
The Plastics - Dance In The Metal