Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Online Jukeboxes

The Rural War Room Radio Show has created special jukeboxes for those who wonder about the diverse nature of our shows. These jukebox play lists are only for this blog. The live radio broadcast is very similar but different songs than the ones featured here.

Rural War Room Radio Online Jukebox 1: The Blue Box

Various Artists in a perfect example of the diverse nature or RWR Radio. Usually there will be one familiar song, mixed with sounds rare to US airwaves.

Euro-Pop, Experimental Rock, '80s Mash-Ups, Italian releases, and the best from Japan! eX-Girl, Soft Machine, Frank & Nancy, Tuxedomoon, Beatles/Bowie/DM mash-ups, plus rare DEVO, more.

Rural War Room Radio Online Jukebox 2: Tickled Pink

Theme shows are common on RWR Radio. Here is an example of various artist subjects like Kid's Records, Comedy, Insanity, 1950s EZ Listening & a touch of New Wave/80s pop. Includes the wonderful Bill Cosby Rap, Piero Umiliani's original Mah Na Mah Na, plus Miss Piggy, Sparks, Transformers, Simpsons, more...

Rural War Room Radio Online Jukebox 3: Green Fiddle Faddle

Various Artists: Obscure Rock, Exotica, Japanese Hits, Odd Dance Music, Latin Dance with Combustible Edison, Tokyo Jihen, Raymond Scott, Dizzy, Bonzo Dog Band, Kevin Ayers, more.

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