Friday, March 13, 2009

International Live Radio Links


To catch the next 4-hour live edition of RURAL WAR ROOM RADIO select your time zone during the next broadcast to activate iTunes International:

In the US:
11pm - 2am EST

10pm - 1am CST - 88.3 FM Little Rock, Arkansas
9pm - 12am Midnight MST
8pm - 1am PST

Outside the US, listen to RWRR live on iTunes worldwide!

Every Wednesday Morning for you all-nighters and rise-earlyers:

RWR Radio Rio De Janeiro 2am - 5am

RWR Radio London 4am - 7am

RWR Radio de Roma 5am - 8am

RWR Radio Moskow 7am - 9am

RWR Radio Tokyo 3pm - 7pm

RWR Radio Honolulu 6pm - 9pm

Tune in to iTunes via every Tuesday night to find out what made Rural War Room Radio an international attraction.