Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ring-A-Ding Orangutan

The debut from RURAL WAR ROOM, Ring-A-Ding Orangutan, is available on iTunes as a virtual LP for only $10 / .99 per song. If you require the entire hand-crafted CD package, buy through Paypal, postage paid for the sale price of only $12. Get your virtual copy of Ring-A-Ding Orangutan from the iTunes store linked here. Other worldwide digital services here.

Ring-A Ding Orangutan (2006 RWR) also comes in traditional CD format, including original frame-worthy art and 27 tracks of hand-spun goodness. The disc contains two tracks only featured on this version. The songs "Hive Mind" and "Martians Everywhere" can only be obtained on the physical CD release. The compact disc is Digital Vinyl with all the attributes of a vinyl record with real grooves! Over 70 minutes of audio stimulation and bizarre hand-crafted packaging makes this musical roller-coaster makes a perfect gift for the psychedelic sound collage fan in the family! If you don't have this double-album-length CD of psychedelic mayhem on digital vinyl with real grooves, shipping the same day postage paid inside the continental US, then get it on special for the low sale price of $15 USD postage paid in the USA! This sale lasts only a short time. Get your copy mailed right to you from this paypal link: