Rural War Room is a duo: Donavan Suitt and Byron Werner. The name also refers to a cyberband, radio broadcast, podcast, digital record label and brand. Suitt & Werner manage production with members in six countries. The band entity of Rural War Room has many releases on digital services. The radio broadcast/podcast entity has over 1400 hours of archives. RuralWarRoomRecords digital label has many releases by mostly inactive or deceased artists who's music would otherwise be lost to the public. RWR also has many merch choices featuring artwork by Byron Werner.

Founded in 2005, when the publisher of the Free Press suggested that one might have more records than the other, Rural War Room duo Suitt & Werner began spinning a radio show where they alternate tracks trying to surprise each other. It did not take long for the pair to settle on 4 hours of radio each week. Rural War Room Radio spins vinyl, tape, and CDs from all over the world. International partners trade artists to air on the program. Often, featured tunes are unpublished, out-of-print, or specific the their country of origin with little distribution. Always all-genre, multi-generational, and unpredictable. Archived in one hour hq mp3s with commentary every 15 minutes. Always a live unedited variety show - even when a theme is observed. Connecting a theme on the show is more of an improv exercise. Song title connections mixed with complete surprises. Suitt and Werner never discuss playlists before going live - only the show title.

Over the years Rural War Room Radio has been syndicated in California, Oregon, Texas, Alaska, Ohio, Arkansas, and Florida in the USA. Overseas in England, Switzerland, and Japan. Complete archives on this blog with sound files hosted at Radio4All.net

The duo uses the name Rural War Room as live electronic DJs, a performance group, and a cyberband - recording online with musicians outside the USA, beginning the same year - 2005.

Donavan Suitt and Byron Werner never met before 2004, though they had been following similar paths exploring music as abstract art. In the 1980s, when Suitt (piano student school-boy in Little Rock) and Werner (Hollywood animation artist in Los Angeles) both became fascinated with "hand-turning" or "hand-spinning" vinyl records with the turntable motor turned off. From opposite sides of the country, they had both done this for decades; making various cassette recordings of their audio experiments. Once paired up, Rural War Room began hand-spinning various types of records. This produces the 'warble' sound they are known for. Suitt originally had the idea to play these noises like keyboard sounds. He began to sample the nonsensical sounds, pick catch sounding segments, loop them, and edits songs around these as if they were riffs from a regular instrument. The pair now had a use for their vast amounts of do-it-yourself audio recordings from years earlier.

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