Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Soviet Life Today 4th of July Radio Podcast

Donavan & Byron spin rare vinyl from the Soviet Union, songs about fear, patriotic songs, some commie shit, film soundtracks, and their collaboration with London bands Xykogen, and History Of Guns on the soundtrack for Earth's modern chaos...
Rural War Room - Soviet Life EP
Buy it on any digital service. Cover Art ©2019 by Donavan Suitt
PLAYAlisa - Experimentor   
Hugo Montenegro - Lady In Cement 
Strange Games - Chorovod 
Cormack & Ross - Bottom On Top 
Valery Leontiev - ? (#4)  
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Lactic Acid
Aquarium -  Tonight
Dudley Moore - G.P.O. Tower
Open Spaces Of Russia - Curls
Ken Emerson & Bob Armstrong - Minkow Tango
Chet Atkins - Yankee Doodle Dixie
Mountain Sprout -  Cabin Fever

PLAYC.C.C.P. - American-Soviets (12" Mix)
Jerry Goldsmith - No Escape
Alisa - Opening
Hampton Grease Band - Six (excerpt)
Aquarium - The Thirst
Rural War Room & Xykogen - Soviet Life Yesterday
Yeti - Interstellar Biplane
Reagan's Polyp - Your Head (ApeShit dj RMX)
Hugo Montenegro - Sugar Seymour

PLAYAndy Griffith - Andy And Cleopatra
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home
Alisa - Dr. Boogie
Dudley Moore - Cornfield
Strange Games - Egocentrism
John Trubee - Spanish Sunset
Rural War Room, History Of Guns & Xykogen - Soviet Life Today (The Day The Light Goes Out) (ApeShit dj RMX)
Weirdos - Solitary Confinement
Aquarium - Ashes
Hugo Montenegro - Jilly's Joint
Kino - Streetcar Heading East
Cormack & Ross - Everybody Must Get Monk
Cabbageboy - Talk Show
Jerry Goldsmith - A Bid For Freedom

PLAYBerlin Express - The Russians Are Coming
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Rude Oud
Valery Leontiev - Rock Rock Rock
Hampton Grease Band - Hey Old Lady / Bert's Song
Alisa - We're Together
Ken & Bob - Tiger Shark
Hugo Montenegro - The Shark
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Cuz It's Hot (live)
Mountain Sprout - Drunk & High
Strange Games - No Telephone
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross -Halloween Spooks
Alisa - Juice Squeezer
Black Randy & The Metro Squad - Trouble At The Cup
Alisa - ? (#3 new album)
Hampton Grease Band - Hendon (Major Bones) (excerpt)  
Subject To Change - Beauty Is Made


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