Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Toxic Exotic Radio Podcast

PLAY≥Elisabeth Waldo - The Serpent And The Eagle
Yma Sumac - Najala's Lament
Martin Denny - Love Dance
The Arthur Lyman Group - Taboo
Les Baxter - Jungalero / Temple Of Gold
Morton Gould & His Orchestra - Ritual Fire Dance
Gene Rains - Bangkok Cockfight
Yma Sumac - Birds
Robert Drasnin - Habanera In Blue
Paul Desmond - Imagination (alternate version)
Ixtahuele - Stone Gods Of Bimini
Esquivel - Lullaby Of Birdland
Hedningarna - Stapals
Hossam Ramzy - Summoning The Tribes

PLAY≥Skip Heller - The Collector
The Arthur Lyman Group - Jungle Drums
Les Baxter - Spice Islands Sea Birds
Yma Sumac - Dance Of The Moon Festival
Combustible Edison - Breakfast At Denny's
Kudsi Erguner - Semai
Kava Kon - The Killing River (Without The Sun, Moon Or Stars)
Lionel Hampton - Star Dust (live)
Elisabeth Waldo - Ritual Of The Human Sacrifice
Terry Snyder - Puttin' On The Ritz
Tuatara - Dreamscape
The Charmers - Time After Time
Gene Rains - Strange Cargo
Dorothy Lamour - The Palms Of Paradise
Natacha Atlas - Shubra
Billy May & His Orchestra - This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet

PLAY≥Les Baxter - Procession Of The Princes
Yma Sumac - The Sun Maidens
Huun-Huur-Tu - Eki Attar
Samulnori - P'u Sal
Les Baxter - Stone God
Henry Mancini - Experiment In Terror
Combustible Edison - Theme From "The Tiki Wonder Hour"
The Arthur Lyman Group - Brazilleros
Martin Denny - Quiet Village
Bunny Berrigan - Song Of India
Mujde - Sen De Sev
Hossam Ramzy - No Clapping For Me Or What?
Les Baxter - Taboo / Amazon Falls

PLAY≥Laurent Dury, Veronique Le Berry, & Louis Aquino - Amazonia
Skip Heller - Q
Morton Gould & His Orchestra - Hawaiian War Chant
Les Baxter - Voodoo Dreams
Yma Sumac - Dance Of The Winds
Martin Denny - Exotica
Esquivel - Sentimental Journey
Robert Drasnin - Moorean Moonbeams
Louis Prima - The Blizzard (live)
Hedningarna - Cold Wind
The Arthur Lyman Group - Fire Down Below
Ixtahuele - Black Sand
Alvino Rey & His Orchestra - Blues In The Night
Elisabeth Waldo - Song Of The Chasoui
Les Baxter - Flight In The Andes

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