Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Talk Turkey Radio Show Podcast

No music. All talk. Super rare records picked especially for you.

PLAY–The Goats Vs Negativland - Casey Kasem U2 Revolution On American Top 40 Fo' Shorty (Donavan Suitt Live Mix)
Doctor Nandor Fodor - Introduction
Ronald "Mr. E.S.P." Edwin - Outer Space
Bill Cosby - The Difference Between Men And Women 
Woody Woodbury - Through The Keyhole (Live) 
Craig O'Neill - "My Lawn Mowing Goat" Prank Call
Joe E. Ross - Oliver The Owl
Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks - The Psychiatrist 
The Firesign Theatre - Freezing Mr. Foster / I Was A Cockteaser At Roosterama!
Wisdom Made In America - Liberace Profile with Dr. Criswell Freeman
Beyond The Fringe - The End Of The World (Live) 
Johnny Future - Unwritten Tome / Concentration Camp

PLAY–Cesar Romero - The Old Order Changeth
Robert Klein - School Assembly (Live)
Frank Edwards - Kooks Who Claim Saucer Contacts
The Beatles - Talking About General Election 10-15-1964 / Press Conference In America - Russia Talk 8-10-1965
John Peel - Elf Story
Forbidden Zone - Film Excerpts
Sharp & Coyle - Building A Home For Gnomes
Neil Pye - Computer Alarm / Wayne / Cosmic Jam / Cassette Jam
Howard Sherman - The Power Of Picturization
Lenny Bruce - Come Is A Verb
William S. Burroughs - 2 excerpts from Naked Lunch & The Nova Express
Rusty Warren - Wife's Gift (live) 
Kent Bowman - Mees Smeet / Chain Saw / De Boss / Moki Flies (Live)

PLAY–Robin Williams - Reagan (Live) 
Jonathan Winters - UFO Incident
Negativland - Crosley Bendix Arts Review: Dance on the Radio
The Firesign Theatre - Coal
Jerry Lewis - Prank Call
Bob Bryan & Tim Sample - How To Talk Yankee
Ann Cook - American Accent Training
Allen & Rossi - Opening Gags / Hello Dere's (Live)
Billie Holiday - Backstage Outtakes
Mike Doughty - Bucket Of Shoes (Live)
Kreskin - An Introduction To E.S.P.
The Beatles - Jesus Affair Press Conference Chicago 8-11-1966

PLAY–Lee Harvey Oswald - Self Portrait In Red
Johnny Future - Raymond / Pisspots For The Poor
Lord Buckley - The Raven (Live)
Dan Crall - Ranch Yard East
Speech After The Removal Of The Larynx - Man Without Larynx / Buccal Speech / Parabuccal Speech
Robert Klein - Words 
The Firesign Theatre - $100.00 Ben
Abbot & Costello Show - Intro/Bugs Bunny Girls/Nylons/Little Matilda
Sharp & Coyle - Mutant Zebra Eel In A Paint Store
Muhammad Ali - Ghetto Whopper / Joe Frazier / Belly Talk
Alan Bennett - Take A Pew

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