Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grouchy Cranky Show Podcast

PLAY>Vanity 6 featuring Prince - If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)
Pat Boone - Enter Sandman
Soul Coughing - Paint
Kali Mutsa - Cumbia De Pichi
Thelonious Monk - Don't Blame Me (live)
Hildegard Knef - From Here On It Got Rough
Golden Arm Trio - Fort Phantom Hill
Guido e Maurizio De Angelis - Car Chase At Margellina
eX-girl - Theme From Waterbreakers
Aquabats - The Wild Sea
Daniel Amos - I Didn't Build It For Me
Bjork - Earth Intruders (Lexx remix)
Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
Jeconte & The Mali All Stars - Kolonkisse

PLAY>David Bowie - Look Back In Anger
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Laibach - Get Back
Silver Apples - You And I
Eurythmics - Revenge
Kali Mutsa - Magicavarita / El Cuerpo
Sister Machine Gun - Not My God (Killjoy Club Mix)
Phillipe DeBarge & The Pretty Things - It'll Never Be Me
Betty Wright - Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
Pat Boone - Crazy Train
William Loose, Stu Phillips, Marvin Elling - Kelly
Orchester Frank Pleyer - Sunday Love Affair
Alley Cats - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
Carlo Savina - Down Left

PLAY>Hedwig: John Cameron Mitchell - Angry Inch
Bjork - Declare Independence (Matthew Herbert remix)
Polysics - Everybody Say No
Kali Mutsa - La Telenovela / Quispe
Deadbeats - Let's Shoot Maria
Vivi Bach & Dietmar Schonherr - Molotov Cocktail Party
Madness - Tomorrow's Dream
Les Baxter - Sabre Dance
Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo - Battle Of The Queens
Augusto Martelli - Crazy Sax 
Kashimir Jungle Lords - Zigamus The Rainbow Wizard 
Phillipe DeBarge & The Pretty Things -Alexander
The Boots - Alexander
Daniel Amos - Do Big Boys Cry
Bill Lawrence - Pussy Baby

PLAY>Monty Python - Argument
Les Baxter - Procession Of The Princes
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Hot Head
Jeconte & The Mali All Stars - Kamelenba
Stump - Ice The Levant
Pat Boone - No More Mr. Nice Guy
Carey's Problem - Suicidal Teenage Landscape
Kali Mutsa - El Jardin
Bags - Survive
France Gall - Hippie Hippie
Johnny Future - Bad Woman / Retarded People
Mandre - Dirty Love
Zom Zoms - Strange Floating Woolen Jaw
Aquabats - Worms Make Dirt
Black Randy & The Metrosquad - I Slept In An Arcade
Meg - Prism Boy