Wednesday, October 21, 2015

White Trash A-Go-Go Podcast

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PLAY>Red Elvises - Jerry's Got A Squeeze Box
Col. Bruce Hampton - Hold The Ground Down
The Cramps - Muleskinner Blues
Man Man - Banana Ghost
Best Kissers In The World - Pick Up The Tempo
Buddy Ebsen - Your Cheatin' Heart
Tammy Loretta Judd - Was It Love Or Was It Lite Beer?
Zammuto - Need Some Sun
Tenderloin - Shotgun Willie
Byran & The Haggards with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne - The Fightin' Side Of Me
White Trash A Go Go - Act 1 Overture / Wormy Wanda
Tuatara - The Getaway
Southern Culture On The Skids - The Man That Wrestles The Bear
Telly Savalas - I Walk The Line
Margaret O'Hern - Love Will Be Waiting
Nitin Sawhney - Koyal

PLAY>George Jones - White Lightnin'
The Pine Box Boys - Mr. Skeleton
McKensie & Turner - Bow Bow Bow
Custard - Nice Bird
Byran & The Haggards with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne - Working Man Medley
Root Boy Slim - World War Three
Ekova - Chant De Diem (Golden Days remix)
Johnny Cash - Mean Eye Cat
Living Marimbas Plus Voices - Folsom Prison Blues
White Trash A Go Go - I Got Worms
Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs - Demoni
Jello Biafra & Life After Life - Still Is Still Moving To Me
Col. Bruce Hampton - Walking With Zambi (Try Hoodah)
Demented Are Go - Muleskinner Blues
Cornelius - 2010

PLAY>Gas Huffer - Gota Get Drunk
The Pine Box Boys - Pretty Little Girl
Stray Cats - Elvis On Velvet
Maquina Vapor - Moinhos De Vento
Ross Hurley & Marc Turner - Strychnine
Nazan Oncel - Atiyosun
L7 - Three Days
Byran & The Haggards with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne - Stay Here And Drink
Sherry Westbrook Band - Prove My Love
Cornelius - Count Five Or Six
Cornelius - Magoo Opening
Ross Hurley & Marc Turner - Fool's Paradise
Col. Bruce hampton - Arkansas
unknown artist - In The Land Of Mules

PLAY>Yello - Jungle Bill
Southern Culture On The Skids - Ditch Diggin'
Ekova - Taksim (Un Taksim Pour Tobruk)
Don Reese - Muley, The One Eared Mule
Man Man - Spider Cider
Johnny Future - Do The Robot
Montefiore Cocktail - Je T'Adore (Daniele Luppi remix)
Supersuckers - Bloody Mary Morning
Ross Hurley & Marc Turner - Old Man From The Mountain
Red Elvises - Sad Cowboy Song
The Pine Box Boys - The Crow
White Trash A Go Go - Act 2 Overture / Here Comes Arkansas Price / Kay's Kountry Krafts
Goldie Hawn - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
The Figeaters - Giant Steps

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