Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Quiet Storm Radio Show

KABF 88.3 FM in Little Rock, Arkansas from 10pm until the sun comes up! Click PLAY below or Podcast any show any time at Radio4all.net

PLAY–Bart Hopkin - It Starts To Rain
Todd Rundgren - Drunken Blue Rooster
Bjork - It's All So Quiet (Live)
Abegaz & Jorg - Ahunem
Isobel Campbell - Are You Going To Leave Me?
Ursula 1000 - Soft Landing
Gary Numan - The Aircrash Bureau
The Books - Read, Eat, Sleep
Amanda Lear - Alter Ego
Chris Coco featuring Peter Green - Albatross
Ella Fitzgerald - Them There Eyes (Live)
Andre Popp - Ballade Des Petits Petons
Monkey Girl Odyssey - My Monkey Girl/Crystal Vine

PLAY–Inara George with Van Dyke Parks - Idaho
Les Baxter - On A Warm Night
Zammuto - Harlequin
Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumours
Daphne Oram - Ursa Major (Sun Mix)
Solex - Five Star Shamberg
Anja Garbarek - Still Guarding Space
Can - Future Days
eth - Heywet Endiet New
Unwoman - Siren Ship
Fairport Convention - Reynardine

PLAY–Funky Porcini - Pork Albumen
Inara George - Everybody Knows
Ennio Morricone - Senza Respiro/Luca Casa Londra
Harmonic 33 - Marionette
Aram Khachaurian - Piano Concerto (excerpt)
Akale Wube - Metche New
Shri - Meditation
Indonesian Band - Siri
Nina Hagen - Gayatri Mantra
Delia Derbyshire - Mattachin
George & Brother Mo - As Nature Intended
Anja Garbarek - Just One Of Those Days
Can - Blue Bag
Yma Sumac - Dance Of The Winds

PLAY–Diga Rhythm Band - Tal Mala
Eno - Sombre Reptiles
Daphne Oram - Oramics Demonstration (excerpt)
Danielle Dax - Pariah
Andre Popp - Danse De L'Ours
Aksak Maboul - Son Of L'Idiot
Inara George with Van Dyke Parks - Tell Me That You Love Me
Cocteau Twins - The Itchy Globo Blow
Zammuto - Full Fading
Love - Soflty To Me
Anja Garbarek - The Word Is Out
Money Mark - Nice 2 Me
Fairport Convention - Crazy Man Michael
Cyndi Lauper - All Through The Night (Live)